A Small Step Following A Big Decision Facilitates Change.


Challenge yourself to get out of your old world.

Refocus the energies of your dissatisfaction, and use it as a springboard for greatness.

Think bigger; be bolder; you have everything to gain.

Get in with conquering fear, through adequate preparation and courage.

Feed your passion for life and what you do, without ceasing.

Wake up with the knowing that you have twenty-four hours to determine the course of your destiny.

Winning the crucial hours of your day secures to you success.

A big house or a stick of chocolate resonates to transient, momentary happiness that will go away. Your desire for a big car rides on how you want other people to perceive you; and that makes you a pawn in their hands, and your feelings become a slave of other people’s perceptions. Gaining certain skill sets, feeling coherent, harmonious emotions, being calm, being full of gratitude are all elements of authentic happiness which money cannot buy.

Focusing on joy, appreciation, and love destroys suffering and fosters a beautiful state. Gratitude and fear cannot live together.

Complaining breeds negativity. To change your perceptions about your world is to break the cycle of negativity.

Taking responsibility for your circumstance liberates you from victim consciousness. A victim mindset limits your personal power.

A new action promotes change.

A small step following a big decision facilitates change.

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