Actions Of A Leader That Make A Difference

Actions Of A Leader

In a dynamic world, a leader aims at synthesis between varying ideas to enhance her creativity. For good, the actions of a leader affirms the value of the people. In addition, it creates a healthy balance among the various interests of the stakeholders. Thus, the right actions of a leader creates value for the organisation and its stakeholders. Far from failure, the effective actions of a leader feature hereunder.

Makes Her Principles Congruent With The Organisation’s Principles

Organizing her job, managing her time, defining what her responsibilities are, learning to lead out, not contain in, cultivating a clear sense of who she is, fostering a sense of mission and a clear understanding of it, occupies a leader’s attention. Also, ensuring that her principles are congruent with her organisation’s principles, behaving in a manner in harmony with all the things she believes a leader and a follower should do, are all things that need attending to, from a leader’s standpoint. In plain terms, she displays an authentic character that motivates her people to stick around, listen and buy into the vision or goal.

Promotes A Healthy Balance Between Conformity And Individual Flair


A leader also fosters a great sense of freedom that promotes a healthy balance between conformity and individual flair among her people, in order to release their creative potential. Her faith in her people uplifts the effectiveness of her teams. Preferring the idea of shared responsibilities, she communicates out the needs and challenges of the organisation and encourages the spirit of collaboration. Hence, the right actions of a leader promotes balance that advances productivity.

Guides And Motivates Her People Without Applying Force

What with guiding and motivating her people without applying force, the leader also looks out for the interests of other stakeholders like shareholders, customers and the community at large. She constantly seeks for a workable balance.

Demonstrates A Healthy Trust And Faith In Her People

Demonstrating a healthy trust and faith in her people gets her in touch with their own reciprocal trust. A leader starts off to create the right balance between doubt and faith.

To create the right balance that advances the fortunes of the organisation and it’s stakeholders, the true creates instead of reacting.

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