Authentic Leadership


To be true to yourself galvanizes you to cope with the most difficult circumstances that life presents. Allowing your values to guide your decisions and actions draws in a great measure of fulfilment akin to those who practice Authentic Leadership.

In choosing leaders, if we allow short-term gains or considerations to goad us into placing emphasis on charisma instead of character, on style instead of substance and on the image instead of integrity, a problem will invariably arise.

Trying to be like someone else disqualifies you from the authentic class. You can only learn from others’ experiences but you cannot be successful trying to be like them. People tend to show aversion to any kind of imitation but demonstrate trust towards those who are genuine and authentic. You stand a chance of holding with Authentic Leadership by following your passion, attuning yourself to a mental or moral attitude that gets you to be deeply and intensely active and alive. Being a copycat, somebody who does what others want him or her to do is to limit yourself and undermine your authenticity.

You will demonstrate your determination to cultivate Authentic Leadership by sifting through your life experiences to understand yourself and to unleash your passion in an intentional and purposeful manner. The attitude of utilising every opportunity to lead and to develop themselves and not waiting to get to the top before they start leading hallmarks, authentic leaders.

Finding something that you are passionate about and inspiring others to join your cause are things that stand with Authentic Leadership. To plumb the depths of potency, authentic leaders inspire those around them and empower them to step up and lead.

Here are the basic defining elements of Authentic Leadership. To create value for all stakeholders, authentic leaders inspire people to stand to a purpose shared in common and motivate them to rise to the challenge of leading in an authentic manner. On most accounts, authentic leaders show more concern about serving others than seeking success and recognition. Because they are true to themselves and what they believe in, they engender trust and genuine connections with others. Thus, they are able to motivate them to high levels of performance.

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