Building a Healthy Career


It is self-discovery, a search for a full understanding of your talents and non-talents, that will release the energy necessary for building a healthy career.

In a bid to help their people to discover their talents and use it as a footing for building a healthy career, great managers team up with their people to analyse their performance, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. This process provides a basis for guiding employees to roles that match up to their talents. The aptitude for breaking down big ideas into smaller manageable projects that could be analysed for costs, benefits and risk is a talent deserving of recognition.

It is also the duty of employees to find the answers to the questions whether they regard a particular role as thrilling and satisfying, whether they learn the role quickly, excel at it and derive strength from it. The discoveries that will open up to them will be helpful in building a healthy career, with their talents, skills and knowledge as its bedrock.


When the prospect of going to work invites an attack of depression and the blues, it is pertinent for one to take some time off to determine what he or she needs that the current role is not providing. On the other hand, feeling exhilarated and fired up for work on a Sunday night is a signal for you to probe into your role and ascertain what you love so much about it. The answers to the questions will steer you to the path of self-discovery crucial for building a healthy career that is exciting. Gaining varied marketable experiences alone without regard for discovering one’s unique talents is not adequate for building a healthy career that is satisfying.

The essence of self-discovery is to learn about yourself so that you can capitalise on your talents, not to fix your non-talents or weaknesses. Making decisions, informed by your talents, to select roles that aid the building of a healthy career are the benefits of self-discovery.

By designing graded levels of achievement, a company provides an environment where money and prestige could be acquired through a variety of different paths. This makes it easy for employees to choose a career path that fit their talents since money and prestige are less of a factor in their decision-making. Thus, the roles of choice would be ones that bring lasting satisfaction, that one excels at and yearns to play for a very long time.



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