Cosmic Light


Beloved God Who takes every heartfelt wish for the deed, how merciful it is of you to give me this release from fear and temporary goals. In your mercy, You have granted me a share in Your Eternal Glory. Take me to Yourself and strengthen me in my Faith. The effects of Your Loving Cosmic Light are of a kind not to be mistaken. Mighty God Presence ‘I AM’! ‘I AM’ here to serve the Light of God that Never Fails and the Love of God that Always Fulfills!

Heavenly Father, hold me and all Life in Your Mighty focus of Loving Cosmic Light! Enfold me in a Luminous Sphere of Light! ‘I AM’ an Untouchable God Being living in a Dazzling God’s Presence of Diamond Shining Crystal White Light, expanded and maintained now and for all eternity!

God of all Royal Power, Creator of the Eternal Kingdom that knows no corruption, You are the calm of the harbour that I seek when I am tossed by the waves. I shall stumble no more, for I have gained a firm footing in You. Charge me now with Your Master Invincible Feeling of absolute Victory and eternal Freedom, that I may move in this world and become invisible to the discord that yet exists.

Almighty God Whose Promise admits of no doubt, make me a Blazing Presence of Your Master Love, Purity, Peace and Power that compels all to draw nearer to Love and immerse themselves in It. This is I, now the custodian of God’s Loving Cosmic Light.

By the exertions of that most capable of Your shepherding Light, You drew me back into Your Heart forever. Collapse into God Perfection any record in any dimension that supports discord in my life. In God’s Heart, I stand forever. In God’s Loving Cosmic Light I live forever.

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