Creating A Safe Relationship Environment

Creating A Safe Relationship Environment 2

Most of us long for relationships in which we can feel completely safe to open up and reveal who we are. In a safe relationship environment, the partners feel free to share with each other their deepest thoughts and dreams. This sharing takes place without the fear that one will judge, condemn, and reject the other because of what is shared. It is more fulfilling for us to be our true selves than hide and project false images we think people like to see. Hence, creating a safe relationship environment is crucial for the long-term survival of a relationship. In a safe relationship environment, open relationships thrive. To best, the partners feel cherished, honoured, and alive in such an environment. The steps below guide us in creating a safe relationship environment.

1. Don’t Bully Your Partner Into Trusting You

When people feel threatened or unsafe, they often respond with mistrust. A husband hiding a secret stash of cash from the wife could trigger this mistrust when the wife discovers the secret. As a result, the wife may create some barriers between herself and her husband to protect herself from other possible deception. To create this barrier, she may employ silence, suspicion, criticism, or judgements. Of a truth, fear often rides with these attitudes. Instead of forcing your partner to trust you, it is more constructive to commit to creating a safe relationship environment for her. Feelings of safeness will encourage her to open up to you again. Part of the process of creating a safe relationship environment involves demonstrating to her on a consistent basis, through your words and actions, that her well-being is the most important thing to you, and that her opinion matters. Furthermore, intimate her that she has the freedom to choose a preferred time to be open with you again. Your commitment to honouring her will eventually create a safe environment for her to open up and trust you again.

2. See Your Partner As Precious And Valuable

Part of the key to creating a safe relationship environment requires all the partners honouring each other as a one-of-a-kind person with unique gifts and personality. You confirm the value of your partner when you recognise and appreciate his or her uniqueness. In furtherance of creating a safe relationship environment, it is productive not to look down on your partner or things that matter to him or her. Along with, keeping a list of the good qualities of your partner helps you to value him or her. This list prompts you to appreciate rather than criticise. You deny the value of your partner when you say or do hurtful things to him or her.

Creating A Safe Relationship Environment

3. Do Away With Judgements

Judgements frequently lead to heated arguments. Such arguments leave both parties feeling isolated, hurt, and attacked. Thus, judgements sabotage your efforts at creating a safe relationship environment. This is so since neither partner feels loved nor cared for when judgement is rife. Of a fact, judgements make your partner feel unsafe. As a result, he or she will close up and shut down. Adopting an attitude of curiosity bordering on fascination remedies this situation. When we chose to nurture genuine interest in others rather than bearing down on them with judgements, we begin to brighten the interactive atmosphere. Also, we invite our partners to feel safe with us. A feeling of safety prompts your partner to reveal to you the inner fears, doubts, or aspirations. Personal disclosures between partners help to deepen the relationship and make it more rewarding for both. The better you understand your partner, the more you feel compassion for him or her. In plain words, a good dose of interest and curiosity in your partner stimulates her to open up and feel safe with you. In good earnest, judgements write people off while curiosity confirms their worth. The process of discovery enlivens relationships. As you learn about yourself and your partner, you suspend judgement, and foster a spirit of curiosity. This curiosity helps to keep the relationship alive.

4. See Differences As Blessing

Creating a safe relationship environment also means making room for all of both partners. Partners in a relationship do this by working with their differences to create balance between themselves. In this regard, they could alternate between a laid-back vacation and a busy one in line with the preferences of the respective partners. With that, they learn and understand more about each other. To stimulate your partner to feel safe with you, you have to welcome all parts of him or her. Instead of being irritated by your partner’s behaviour, think of how you can value that behaviour or difference. Our frustrations or irritations with others often point to our own imperfections. Our imperfections frequently mirror the behaviour we deem irritating in others. This valuable learning comes from contemplating on an irritating behaviour or difference. As you learn the background to an irritating behaviour and value your partner’s uniqueness or differences, including irritating traits, you stimulate your relationship to grow in a safe environment.

5. Earn The Trust Of Your Partner Through Consistent Behaviour That Respects Your Partner’s Incredible Worth And Vulnerabilities

You demonstrate your trustworthiness by treating your partner in a manner that respects her amazing worth and vulnerabilities. An atmosphere of trust promotes openness, safety, and intimacy in relationships. To build up your trust with your partner, it is wise to avoid behaviours that tend to devalue him or her. Thus, not taking advantage of your partner’s vulnerabilities helps to increase your trustworthiness. When your partner sees you as trustworthy, she will feel safe with you to an extent that crumbles all barriers to intimacy. Together with, it is important for you to remain trustworthy to yourself. You do that by acting in ways that affirm your eternal worthiness. As you affirm your worthiness, independent of all external factors, you reach out to your partner from an empowered positive state. When you are intrinsically empowered, you can afford to give your partner a whole lot of freedom. This freedom acts a part in creating a safe relationship environment.

Creating a safe relationship environment promotes connections between partners. For good, this connection enables them to become better at problem solving.

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