Deliberate Acts of Effective Leaders.


To Succeed, a leader must maximize every asset and resource at his disposal for the benefit of his organization.

An intuitive leader demonstrates a tendency for sensing the hopes, fears, and concerns of his people.

To read themselves, their strengths, skills, weaknesses, and their current state of mind is a striking attribute of a good leader.

Your perception is guided by your beliefs. What you see validates your beliefs.

Looking out for good people is a habit of a good leader.

Most times, you attract people who share the same qualities with you.

Leaders show consideration, appreciation, and respect before they solicit for support.

A leader cultivates and cherishes a sense of connection with his people, through deliberate acts of respect, appreciation, and consideration, a prerequisite for gaining and maintaining the support of his followers.

A conviction that the leader truly cares, must be firmly planted in the heart of a follower before he can be roused into action by the leader

To facilitate connection with your people is to recognize that even in a group, you have to relate to people as individuals.




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