Developing Social Awareness Skills

To get in tune with developing social awareness skills, You need to remember to enjoy the journey and appreciate the people and experiences along your way. You will not secure much to yourself in terms of fulfilment and satisfying relationships when you hurry along and focus only on getting to the next meeting, starting your next class period, seeing the next patient or client. When you hurry along, you cannot truly become aware of others’ peculiar body language, habits and emotions so crucial in interacting productively with them.

Developing social awareness skills is an assignment that calls you to practice being aware of what is happening with other people. To figure out how others are feeling through body language clues and to observe how they handle conflicts is a great part of this assignment.


To become true to developing social awareness skills is to listen with genuine focus. This type of listening enables us to notice the tone, speed and volume of the voice and the undercurrents of thoughts below the surface.


Here are some simple habits to practice on for the sake of developing social awareness skills. When you are interacting with someone, stop every other thing and listen fully until the other person is done talking. Avoid typing out an email when you are on the phone. Put down your laptop or tablet and look attentively at your spouse, son, daughter or friend, in order to respond to a question. Turn off the television to listen effectively to the conversation with your family around the dinner table. Close the door and sit near the person whom you are meeting with in order to listen attentively with focus. Identifying the moods and emotions of others is a big part of social awareness, and simple acts like these will help you to stay in the present moment, take in the cues from the other person and really hear what he or she is communicating. The awareness of your interactant’s state of mind enables you to respond productively to him or her. The cooperation of others, greater effectiveness and enhanced productivity are the benefits one fetches for himself or herself by indulging in this worthwhile practice.

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