Divine Freedom


Heavenly Father, thank you for enlivening me to deliver myself from the power of error and the gloom and darkness of temporariness. By my Divine Freedom, nothing is too good to be true. My thoughts now rise to the place where Light is. In this moment, I give myself the Joy of commemorating the Mighty God Presence that abides within me. Holy Father, thank you for giving me a share in Your Eternal Glory and causing rejoicing in the Kingdom of Heaven forever. I AM Centered on the Immortal Flame of Life “I AM.” LOVE is the ONLY POWER that can act in removing the conflict and separation. I now let LOVE Consciousness MANIFEST NOW as the directing force in all my relationships.

With an unfading garland of my Oneness with Thee and a Crowning of Light, I now declare that I AM the Glory and Joy of Divine Freedom.

Heavenly Father, Whose nature has never lost its brightness, radiate forth into my Heart, a temple fit for You. Let the intensity of Your Love so uplift and inspire me to transmit that Grace, as charity bids, to my brothers and sisters. I AM the Peace-Giving Presence of God.

Beloved God, thank You for making me strong enough to unman the ego and its impermanence and thrust them into their proper solitude. I am walking deep into my Divine Freedom. Yours the sight that beholds no shadow; equip me with Your blameless Vision that I may see beyond the egos of the midday and other hours.

On you, I call Lord God; Yours the strength that triumphs through the ages. Full-hearted, I allow the Light of my Heart to beat out hymns of thanksgiving You have a right to at this hour. I AM God’s Peace enfolding all Life. My Feelings of Peace are running very high in my Divine Freedom.

Merciful Father, from Whom all encouragement comes, give me the strength to act with such newness of Life, that makes me a Shining Gift of God’s Peace to all Life.


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