Great Father, the upholder of all my True Foundations, row me across the Stream of Light to Your Divine Power that leaves me with such Joy that Love finds, and Your all pervading Goodness. Inspire me to become what you are to the Heavenly Spheres, that I may become a blessing to this world of ours. Make me the door that opens on to Your Light. Grant that I may be firmly established in my Faith and hymn Your Glory incessantly, in every situation. I AM the Mighty Radiance of my Infinite, all-pervading God Presence, surging forth in all directions now, with an onrushing of Divine Power, Love and Wisdom, that knows no uncertainty and raises all Life.

O God, the undying, unresting, eternal, I give praise and thanks to Thee, that I have become conscious of Thy Mighty, Active Presence, at all times; in that conscious recognition of Thee, charge my mind and body with Thy pure Essence forever. Let Your Divine Power set my Mind agog. Number me amongst dauntless, fearless Souls who hold with Love at all times. I am leaping into the Light; I AM the Love of the Inner Electronic Circle of God. I AM the Instrument of the Godhead, releasing the pure Essence of the Divine.

O God that never criticizes nor condemns me, I cherish your gentle loving Voice that encourages me at every stumble to try again and keep on trying until I attain the true Victory and Freedom of my God-given Dominion. Give me the strength and wisdom not to make the same mistake a second time. I am entering into Love, the Hub of all Life, and allowing God to release Divine Power through me. I AM Divine Power, Love and Wisdom, sustaining every constructive desire and thing, and holding with Divine Fulfilment.

Beloved God, I shall never be cut off from You nor be put to shame, for Your Light of Wholeness blazes on ceaselessly within me and Your Vision that beholds no blemish or illusion is now mine. I AM the Mighty Energy of the Godhead, the consuming God Flame that transmutes all lack and discord. I AM the creative Fire of God, acknowledging God’s Master Presence, anchored in the Heart of every one of God’s children. The fruitless search for power and authority in the outer is now behind me. Divine Power, being Father to my thoughts, gets me along with Love always. In Love that beholds with a single Vision, I now stand to hold the true sceptre of Divine Power and Authority.

I AM the Glory of my Divine Divine Power and God Dominion.

I AM the Peace resting on the sure foundation of the Rock of Truth, which is God, from which no outer disturbance can ever shake me. I am no longer on thorns for illusions. I now burn to love with Divine Power.


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