O God, in point of fact, You are the resplendent token by which we can see what our minds are meant to be like. Restore to us, Lord, the strength we had to begin with, as Your Divine Spark; inspire us to maintain that strength, time without end; may we be confirmed worthy in it and grow in it until we experience our full stature and Perfection. I AM a magnificent portal of Light which no man can shut, through which nought but the incredible perfection of God can ever come.

Powerful Lord, bright, serene and luminous, from Whom we all draw our Life from and live as One with, my Mind sings to You the praises its Faith taught it. You are the first, O Lord, in every Work of Divine Perfection; You play the leading role; we are that Work of that Perfection; continue to lead us, Blessed Lord. I AM One with the Great Realms of Sacred Fire, possessed of unlimited Divine Power. I AM the Life of all that is Love. I AM the Divine Spark of my God Presence blazing. I AM the Light of God, refreshed, fit for only constructive activity, transcending all human emotions. I AM the Vitality of God’s Compassion, up and out of criticism, condemnation, judgement, blame and gossip. I AM the Divine Spark doing every heart good.

I AM the rejoicing of the Purity and Clarity of all the Sacred Fire in the entire creation, pouring through the Crystal Chalice of my Mind, out to all Life, now and forever.

O God of all Spirits, Who holds out Heavenly Hands to me eternally, set me forever in Your Master Mind, even as I experience in this world of time. Make my reality a place where refreshment is, where pain and grief are powerless over me. I AM the Totality of That which I was born for and which I need to be. I AM the Resplendence of that Divine Miracle Love and Glory which I AM, and which I was, in the great Fiery Heart of God, before the world was. I AM a Divine Spark, the very Prince of Perfection.

I AM the Radiance of the Victorious Divine Perfect Balance, everywhere I go. I AM the Divine Spark that pleases the eyes, charms the Heart and wins it.

I AM the Splendour of Eternal Happiness and Joy, a Splendour that dwarfs that given by the blazing sun to temporary edifices. I AM a Divine Spark that puts my thoughts in lovely trim.

I AM an unquenchable Blaze of all the Divine Good that I AM.

Faith is my guide everywhere I go. I AM the Flame of my Cosmic Divine Sacred Fire Self that penetrates deep into the interior of my being and sweeps out thoughts and feelings of lack and limitations and consumes them in the Light of God that never, never fails. I AM a Divine Spark beyond all temporariness.

God the Holy, God the undying, God the strong, you have my Trust. My Trust and Faith in Thee has made my Mind fairer. I AM the Shimmer of God’s compelling Peace of Cosmic Love Supreme in my Mind, right now. I AM a Divine Spark that makes all Hearts to win in a canter.

God has indeed given me a glad hand and I AM the door that opens into Heaven. In good earnest, in the virtue of Joy, I AM the Divine Spark that always allows a frisson of Joy to shoot through me. So be it.


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