There are no dark spots hereabouts in my Heart unless they may be the mirrors of memories, where I never go save when I want to reminisce about my liberation into Love. To me, the Effects of Love are wonders that relentlessly gain on the most energising of feelings.

The cutting edges of my wild Joy, the footing where I can neither sigh nor frown, forbids the intrusion of gloom. The effects of Love are on the wings with my feelings beyond gloom.

There grows my Joy, as graceful as the brushstrokes of the sun.

In the Light breeze of Joy, my Love expands gracefully and my thoughts rise in purity. My Heart is now the only habitat where no foreign weed is found; there I go to look for my Peace and Joy; there the loveliest thoughts are found; there images of my beloved glide about as if they are on a surface native to some ethereal lovely realm. The effects of Love opens the door to eternity

Everywhere in my Heart, the Calm of Peace and the Glory of Shimmering Joy abide side by side. My hope of Love’s arrival has merged with the thrilling effects of Love.

Love has finally gained on me and now rolls in full splendour on the Horizon of my Heart, pouring a cascade of tempered Light into every quarter of my Heart. The garden of Joy inside my Heart is gently lighted up and my thoughts sparkle in the love-beams. I’ve been lost for hours inhaling the sweetness of the garden and musing on the lovely image of my beloved whose present and future are emblazoned on the canvass of my Heart. My Heart is framed by a luminous halo that sparkles to the effects of Love.

I am issuing forth, right now, amidst everything resplendent in Love’s colours. With Love in my Heart, I am lifted up into a rarefied atmosphere where I can experience a buoyancy and serenity of spirit, that render mere existence into pure Joy. The painting of the effects of Love is as rewarding as that of eternity’s strokes.

The effects of Love has something like an enchantment. Every chasm of the past and all impure tints have disappeared inside my Heart. My Heart is illuminated with a softened radiance that will never relent until the whole edifice of my Heart reminds me of an enchanted palace of Light.


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