That Heavenly Element In My Smile Lives For You

No human appearance can contrive to disturb the enlivening effect of my feelings gay with Love. Again, I feel an element in my smile, as evocations of the Heavenly.

Set in its inviolable mantle, my joy gives off a vibrant light that forms a fantastic circle of stars about me.

Perked up in loving intentions, I allow my Joy to walk me amongst the beautiful stars. For best, I am relishing the prospect of freeing myself from doubt forever. In good earnest, that Heavenly element in my smile, is distilling the essence of freedom for us.

Element In My Smile

The loving picture of me and my beloved, immortal ancient pictures from eternity, has sailed once more on the sea of infinity. Fact to cherish, they are defying time to heap up their messages of Love before me. My focus is now trained towards my beloved, and I’m ready to release the enhanced rays of my Love.

My thoughts of Love are remarkable for their effervescent sparks. To wit, those sparks convinced my beloved that the invention of our Love is moving beyond the zenith of our imagination.

There’s an element in my smile that I cannot boast of giving to it. It is that heavenly quality that I’m showering upon you, right now.

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