Entrepreneur questions to ask, lead to answers that grant clarity and direction and lay down the steps for starting your own business. Careful planning enhances your percentage for success. A great idea comes alive through careful planning. The entrepreneur questions to ask yourself, as a budding entrepreneur, are stated hereunder.

What are my strengths and weaknesses? Coming to terms with your strengths and weaknesses facilitates self-management crucial in enhancing your chances of success. Business success holds with determination, persistence, creativity, flexibility and a teachable mindset. Self-awareness permits you to find out whether these important characteristics will be strengthened by your working alone or being in partnership. Knowing your business goals for the next three to five years gets you to fit them to your business idea. For you to experience true fulfilment, your business idea, expertise and personality needs to be in harmony with the nature of the company proposed.


What product or service am I offering? Highlighting the consumer problems that need solving, helps to define and detail what your product or service is. To ascertain the benefits that you want to provide to consumers, provides you with an important information. This information helps you to determine your target customers. In addition, it reveals whether your customers are individuals or organisations. As a result, you find yourself in a good position to ascertain where your customers are located and how to reach them. If you are planning on a coaching practice, it pays to determine whether your clients shape up as individuals or corporations. Learning everything about your proposed business and the attendant marketplace makes good sense.


Is my product or service viable enough to make profit? Market research and experimenting with a trial version of your product or service equips you to answer this question. Offering a product or service that is sufficiently different from those of your competitors improves your odds for success. You can test your idea or a trial version of your product with friends and colleagues. Interviewing the willing competitors and researching your industry trends proves useful in propping up a unique product. In the same regard, other resources to tap into, feature as Small Business Administrative Research Centers. Also, your local Chamber of Commerce and successful entrepreneurs in related field have valuable information to tap into. Entrepreneur questions to ask, keep the crucial issue of profitability in your mind.

What is unique about my business? When you are clear about what you want your business to be known for, you prepare the grounds for your business to fit well into your niche. When that happens, people will ask first about your product or service and second about the price, even in recession. Offering a low price does not necessarily create a niche. A market niche defines what makes your product to stand out from other players in your industry. Strive to make your business unique enough. Uniqueness boosts the profit potentials of your business and steers you away from any old niche. A focused, narrow but deep niche promotes profitability in your business. It boasts of enough potential customers willing to bring a profitable business volume. A specialised but huge captive audience characterises a profitable niche. Entrepreneur questions to ask, motivates the entrepreneur to measure the uniqueness of the subject product or service.

What are my marketing strategies? Effective marketing strategies interest your target customers in your goods or services. Also, they make a good match to your business model since business marketing unfolds as an unending process. Failure to market your goods or services keeps them out of the customers mind. Adverse consequences usually follow this failure. Speaking and writing is a good way for business consultants to market their services. To continue with, book authors employ back-of-the-room sales to great effect. If your preference is for giving talks, a well-placed radio or tv/cable commercial stands a better chance of reaching a wider audience of potential customers. The idea behind entrepreneurial questions to ask, recognises the importance of seeking the right outlet for marketing your products.

Do I have enough money to get my business started? Engaging the services of a business consultant or an accountant makes it easier to determine the required startup funding. Additionally, the effort helps in revealing to the entrepreneur a picture of the profit and loss projection. It is wise to cushion yourself with enough personal funds to finance your living expenses during the first year of business. You must bear in mind that a business loan requires a collateral, which is often your house. Getting financing from benevolent investors means giving up equity in your business. Furthermore, it brings along the consequences of losing some measure of control over what your business really is and how you run it. Entrepreneurial questions to ask, stirs up answers that keep you abreast with reality.

What type of business plan do I need? The time to write a business plan is when you are through with your research and have decided to go into business. When you plan ahead, you promote your chances of success. The business plan captures your ideas, rolls out annual goals and daily strategies, and highlights specific plans for reaching your goals. The business plan captures a snapshot of your business. This picture is useful in explaining your business to potential investors and keeping yourself on track.

Am I ready to run my own business? The answer to this question prepares you to make informed decisions. A well-planned course of action readies you to anticipate obstacles and to navigate through them.

The answers to the aforementioned entrepreneurial questions to ask, fosters a solid entrepreneurial mindset. The advantage of clarity and direction attends an entrepreneur who rises to answer the questions.



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