Entrepreneurial Spirit


The desire to control one’s own destiny and become independent, the belief in one’s ability to control the environment through his or her actions and the willingness to assume the risks connected to starting a business, are all aspects of the entrepreneurial spirit. True entrepreneurs perform best in situations where they have personal responsibility for the results.

To his or her entrepreneurial spirit, waltzing to the logic of the risk and minimising the risk by acquiring superior knowledge about the domain in which the risk is taking place are quite important. Michael Dell was good at getting customers to pay for computer products before he made them. Another style worthy of praise is David Stassen’s creating market acceptance for his spinal implant before it was approved by the FDA.

The ability to inspire belief in oneself and one’s company is also a matter at the core of the entrepreneurial spirit. It is the desire of most people to work for someone whom they have confidence and trust in. True entrepreneurs assume the good in their people and approach them with dignity, respect and honesty. For the budding or emerging entrepreneur interested in winning his or her customers and associates over, credibility is very vital.

Successful entrepreneurs keep up to the entrepreneurial spirit by bringing in others who complement and extend their own skills, by glorying in the strengths and uniqueness of their associates, and by letting go of complete control and trusting others to take responsible and informed actions. The entrepreneurial spirit rouses the entrepreneur to integrate a broad spectrum of skills and personalities for organisational excellence by allowing for personal expression. With the freedom given to them to act, the team innovatively scales up the venture’s resources, processes and performance. Bob Bernstein, co-founder of Bernstein-Rein Advertising, paid talented people more money than he was making, in the early days, to get the vital expertise.

The entrepreneurial spirit motivates entrepreneurs not to sit and wait for customers but to galvanize themselves and their people to beat a path to the world. They do this by helping customers to understand the benefits and values of their products or services, demonstrating how their product or service meets customers’ needs, and providing support. The true entrepreneurial spirit nurtures a mindset that is attuned to the worries, issues and perceptions of customers. Proactive entrepreneurs are constantly watching, evaluating, sensing, interacting with, responding to, and anticipating customers

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