Everlasting Love Of My Heart That Sets Me At Good

The last sunset light sweeping across the horizon held my attention but for a fleeting moment; my heart throbbed up to lovely images of my beloved. To the best, you feature as the everlasting love of my Heart.

Among all the pleasures of the wide world, none can distract me from the magical light of my beloved, transcending all time and space.

My beloved’s inner beauty stands out nicely the beautiful sight that I behold, a sight that stirs the endless portions of my mind, an enchantment that gets in all my Joy and steams out all the dross away. Because of you, the vogue of loving persists in my Heart.

Doubts travelled for illusions and attempted to stop over with me but failed times out of mind.

Everlasting Love Of My Heart

Because of this day that you marked for Joy, I now breathe in sunshine and vitality and all the winding pathways of gloom have been stopped up forever.

My sun-kissed heart is converging through with greater promises of Love.

Feelings chastened by no austere visitor but only by your Love and compassion now rules within me.

To Love you is an unerring Light of My Heart.

You as the everlasting love of my Heart is on view in the gallery of my feelilngs.

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