Fire Breath Of Love Expand Love’s Victory Within Me

Fire Breath Of Love

O Love of Me, thou Flame within my Heart, expand in me your love victory. Fire Breath of Love, make me Love’s action setting all life free. O shine Love’s Light upon me, make me strong, all free from wrong, that I may celebrate my risen mind.

Whatever burdens may bow me down, Love by Its Flame shall lift me up. By Love’s Flames, all the cause and core of fear are gone. In Love, my joy shall be made complete, sent out to serve.

O Breath of Love, Give God-protection here. Release thy healing Balm of Peace. Put me in my perfect place. Keep me there supplied. In every corner of my mind, Love will be there as my constant guide and host.

As I put my cheerful courage on, all trembling thoughts are departing. Awake, my mind; away, my unease.

Thou Mighty Love Presence, Whose matchless power is ever new, and ever young, possess now all of me. My personality I joyously surrender. I Am heavenly Good, God’s Gifts freely flowing. In Thee, overflowing Spring of Light, my Soul shall continue to bask.

Away, gloom; away, doubt, that my soul shall fly on the wings of love. As I immerse my entire being in the sacred Flames of Love, the human cannot take hold of me again. The selfless act of giving from my heart brings me peace not of this world.

O Flame of Love within my Heart, by Thy Love that has been stirred, make me the full expression of divine Love. Keep in my heart and mind the pathway to the remembrance of Who I Am, a bright and shining star, was and is. Away, death and strife. Welcome, life. My Greatness shine forth, show me, true steward of earth, honest servitor of Light.

Each moment, each day, away, fear; come upon, Joy; light upon, Flame of Love, “I Am” of my Being.

My beloved I Am Presence, seal me now in Your expanding Fire Breath of Love. I Am the Purity, Wholenes, Joy, of the Fire Breath of Love, manifest everywhere I Am today and forever.

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