Fullest Expression


I let my praises be outpoured in joy and exultation, Beloved God Presence. Because Your Infinite Light is expressing through me, I AM Complete. I AM Whole. There is nothing missing in my life. I now release all fear and doubt and lift up my vision to behold my Self as I am in Truth and also extend that vision to all Life. I now declare that none is greatest; none is the least. We are all the Fullest Expression of Light.

Beloved God, Fountain of Life and Love, let my thoughts, words and deeds prove your influence always. This day, I am a focus of my God Presence. His infinite loving Light that cannot be qualified by human thoughts and feelings, flows through me like a Crystal River and wafts me through into fits of Joy and Laughter. Joy’s Fullest Expression is fun to be with.

The Mighty River of Light, which I AM, is transmuting all darkness back into Light. I AM Light’s fullest Expression.

O God of me, expand in me Love’s Victory which Thou Art. I AM filled with all the Life of God and I rise now to fall no more, in perfect Divine Love renewed. Glorify with Love, Lord, this glad day, Love that humbles and delights, Love that cannot be unravelled by death. There is nothing more invigorating than living with Love’s Fullest Expression.

I AM the Fire Breath of God that knows only Love. This Life I call my own is God’s. I AM rarefied immortality.

Let the eyes of my Heart, that beholds no illusion, expand.

Pulsate! Arise! O Fire of God and release your Love in full measure within me. Drenched in Celestial Golden Fire, I am welcoming God’s Light streaming forth from Heaven’s Shores. Here in my Heart is where Love’s Fullest Expression abides.


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