I Am A Gem Of Divine That Glows For All Eternity

Loving Divine within, I open my mind to Thee. Pour forth Thy Grace into me. I welcome your loving Light, that I may glow with the help of Your Grace. Only Your Light can render me a Gem of Divine, in this world of time

Adorable Flame that beats my heart, Model of all Perfection, inspire me to be like Thee. Pile virtue upon virtue inside my mind. For Your Compassion, Charity and Humility, I now let go of all that no longer serves me. I look up to Thee, that I may see Thy image in all Life.

I know that I AM of Thee, of the Divine. Fill me with the experience of what that means.

Above all illusions, I AM a clear channel of Divine Love.

I AM the perfect Gem of the Divine, without opposites.

Merciful Light of Love, true and faithful, let the Gift of Thy wonderful Presence comfort me always.

Gem Of Divine

Thou nurturer of loving thoughts, make my mind a temple without reproach. Enliven my Mind as the core of the Gem of Divine that I AM.

Now, I AM the Self created by the Divine.

In eternal Wholeness, I AM Divine Love, seeking nothing from anybody or situation. I AM a Flame of Divine Love, that wanes not and have no end.

Through ages and ages, I AM Complete.

Eternal Light of Love, anew, I offer Thee the Homage of my Heart, for Thou art Faithful to Thy Promises.

Thou has loved me for all eternity. Fit me to return thanks to Thee. What return, befitting of Your Eternal Gaze can I make for Thy countless Blessings? Illuminate my mind, that the favours of this day may not escape me.

Lord of Light, make me mindful of Your Presence always.

When I murmur or become impatient to the reverses and difficulties of life, make my mind the Sun of Your Everlasting Wholeness.

Again, when I speak or encourage those speaking of the faults of others, heal my mind of the scarcity principle that sustains the world of illusions.

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