Hallmarks of Successful Leaders.


Taking the first step with others, and then making the effort to continue building relationships are hallmarks of successful leaders.

For the leader to turn his vision into the aspiration of his people, he has to connect with his team.

A strong inner circle of associates uplifts a Leader’s potential and impact.

The pool of energy and creativity of a group feeds a leader’s greatness, while the leader helps individual members to find greatness in themselves.

A leader’s inner circle should comprise: self learners, morale boosters, natural teachers who bring up leaders in all the rungs of the organization.

Alone, what you know cannot bring success to you, unless you become part of a cooperative effort with people who share similar values with you.

Restraining oneself from meddling with one’s subordinates, while they execute a task, is a good virtue for an leader to have.

Empowering people means giving them leadership roles so they can contribute to the best of their ability in the organization.

Lack of empowerment instigates flight from an organization. people will always seek for organizations conducive to empowerment and maximization of personal potential.

Your value in an organization is enhanced by your ability to develop leaders who are at par with you.

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