Heavenly Father Who beholds me in the Innocence in which I was created, hear me now, as I lift to Thee Holy chants of Love and Gratitude. I AM the Flaming Light of God rich in Healing Power, releasing all my energies locked in pockets of mortality, into sockets of Immortality. I am freeing my energy and ascending to the realm of God Awareness.

I AM the Sun of my God Presence, dissolving all clouds of illusion and depression. The radiant singing Flame of God that I AM, is causing all aspects of my Being to sing to Love’s bidding and celebrate my innate Healing Power.

Beloved God, let Thy Bells of Freedom continue to toll within, shower on me Thy Light Divine and let Charity gentle impact on me its soothing essence. Seal me round about in the Peace of Heaven. Shed Your Holy Calm thick on me.

I AM the Jewel of God Consciousness, glistening and dazzling in Sunlight Divine as a true fitting gift offered up to God and all Life, upon the Altar of the Sacred Fire that my Mind has become. The Love in my Mind is unchaining my Healing Power for all Life.

By the Power of God’s Love that strengthens the luminous tone of my Mind, I have laid down the impoverished lesser self of temporariness and illusions, that my True Self, The True God within, might act to increase the Blessings of God Consciousness, worlds without end.

I AM the Presence of the Sacred Fire, acting to add strength to the motivating God Idea behind all my actions. The Healing Power of my Loving Expressions goes to the minds of others and there awakens Worthiness and Invulnerability.

Heavenly Father, work in me the works of God, strengthen me not to entrench fear by engaging in acts of avoidance based on fear. Enliven me to confront my fears and make them conscious, that I may do something about it with Your Grace and Inspiration. God’s Healing Power is also mine.

God of all Wisdom, dawn breaks with Your Mercies newer, brighter than before. Not to be outdone, the sun’s declining rays lay out a path for more of Your Mercies. I AM the pure Mercy of God’s Heart Flames, that gives me now Freedom. In full sail, I AM Love’s Healing Power that raises me eminently above the level of illusions.

I am reclaiming my Power by not allowing any attack to influence my behaviour. I AM the ever-present Healing Power, forgiving all things that tend towards discord.

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