How To Become A Better Thinker: A Clear Guide

Generating ideas capable of building you or an organisation up, features as the benefit of good thinking. To develop the process of good thinking helps you to rule your mind and yourself. With good thinking, you exert dominion over yourself, even in seemingly oppressive situations. Hence, embracing the idea of how to become a better thinker helps you to have a hold on effectiveness. Making your thinking better can change your life. The advantages of generating revenue, solving problems and creating opportunities headlines as adjuncts of good thinking.

The concept of how to become a better thinker stands as an ongoing process. The process is anatomised below.

1. Look For Worthy Ideas To Kick-Start The Thinking Process

Since what you take in mentally impacts what comes out, the wisdom to expose yourself to good inputs or ideas makes good sense. Reading books, reviewing trade magazines, spending time with good thinkers, listening to audio books and podcasts, stimulates good ideas. Put in writing, ideas that intrigue you. Then, keep it in your favourite thinking place, a place that enlivens your thinking.

2. Spend Time With Good Thinkers

Good thinkers help you to stretch your ideas and thoughts, as you bounce them off their minds. The desire to grow and learn, on a constant basis, characterises good thinkers. They challenge you with their thinking and actions. In line, you keep in the right path of how to become a better thinker by reaching out to others with your ideas.

3. Create A Thinking Schedule

This schedule keeps you from being caught up in the hectic pace of life that discourages intentional thinking. Setting aside a period of time for thinking, on a daily or weekly basis, rouses you to keep your priorities right. Being intentional about the thinking process, sets you forward to put yourself in the right place to think. Also, it helps you to shape, stretch and land your thoughts. It pays to embrace thinking as a discipline.

4. Think Like A Person Of Action

Think in a manner that produces ideas that lend itself to practical application. An idea is of no use if it cannot be fleshed out materially. To adapt your ideas to real life situations is to perform a function of how to become a better thinker.

5. Carry Into Execution Your Good Ideas

A short shelf life, attributed to ideas, creates an urgency for you to act on them before they expire. Success follows on your heels when you think things through and then follow through.

How To Become A Better Thinker

6. Think Yourself Into A Feeling Of Motivation

Waiting until you feel like thinking before you do it, conditions you to achieve little. Think yourself into positive energising feelings. Then, leverage on that energy to build mental momentum and fire up your thinking process. As you meet with success, allow the positive mental energy of that success to lever you into additional productive ideas.

7. Turn The Process Of Good Thinking Into A Habit

Your mind is akin to an endless deposit of gold. To continue mining it, you need to turn the process of good thinking into a habit. Avoid obsessing over one good thought or idea. You cannot build a career or life on one good thought. Relying on one good thought qualifies as a recipe for unhappiness and frustration. On the contrary, repeating the process of good thinking primes you to diversify your good ideas and increases your chances of achieving long-term success.

8. Go To Your Designated Place To Think

The expectation to generate good thoughts ratchets up when you go to your designated place to think. That expectation will eventually motivate you to come up with some good ideas. The best place to think varies with different individuals. For some, it is the park, inside the car, on planes, inside the bathroom or toilet. Be sure to go to your thinking place with a writing pad and pen. For good, endeavour to write down your good ideas.

9. Shape Your Ideas Until They Have Substance

Shaping your ideas means putting them through the test of clarity and scrutiny. This practice helps you to sift through your ideas and highlight the ones with good potential. In plain terms, writing down your ideas primes you to fine-tune them. Of a truth, to write down your ideas is to stimulate the thinking process. To follow on, shaping or fine-tuning your ideas acts a part in the idea of how to become a better thinker.

10. Share Your Seed Thoughts With Others, To Stretch Them

Stretching your thoughts comes after shaping and fine-tuning them. You stretch your thoughts by sharing them with others, especially those they would impact upon, and accommodating their constructive perspectives, This gesture promotes team-work that brings in success.

11. Land Your Ideas

An idea fulfils its potential when it goes from abstraction to application. For your thoughts to make an impact, you need to land them with others. Landing them with others is a necessary step that precedes its implementation. The Practical application of your ideas completes the process of how to become a better thinker.

The good of how to become a better thinker becomes yours as you take to the process of good thinking. This process starts with you and is facilitated by the perspective and cooperation of others. Most successful and notable undertakings began with a thought. So, the discipline of good thinking is worth imbibing.




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