How To Clear Love Blocks And Thrive In Relationships

When we allow ourselves to feel experience our strong emotions and express them to our friends and family, we open up ourselves and allow the love and support of others to permeate our being. The topic of how to clear love blocks stars important, for the love and support of others, helps us to thrive. Proceed along with me as we explore how to maintain a steady flow love into our lives.

On some level, Love is an emotion, a feeling. Thus, we must have the capacity to experience emotions before we can feel, express and receive love. The way in which we connect and build intimacy is through sharing experiences and emotions, often intense one’s. So, allowing certain beliefs, originating from past episodes of our lives, to goad us into suppressing certain feelings, works against the experience of Love. In truth, when we endeavour to suppress our feelings and not show them, we end-up feeling lonely, estranged and unloved. Suppressing a few select feelings we label as bad eventually leads to a loss of capacity to experience all other feelings, as well. All feelings are inextricably connected. When we open up by showing our feelings, we allow others’ love to penetrate our deepest selves. To continue with, how to clear love blocks begins with tracing the origins of our Judgemental beliefs. This enables us to move beyond them, feel and express our strong emotions constructively.

Feelings Are Neither Good Nor Bad

Subjecting our feelings to moral judgement is self-punishing since feelings are neither good nor bad. Hence, it is inappropriate to consider bad certain feelings like anger, sexual arousal, envy, resentment, jealousy or fear. However, what we do with our feelings, our behaviour, can be characterised as wrong or right, bad or good. It is helpful to let out our feelings in a healthy constructive manner. Doing so also promotes our self-esteem. The capacity to respect and feel the whole range of human emotions are totally linked to a genuine sense of self-worth. In plainer terms, respecting yourself means respecting all your feelings.

How To Clear Love Blocks

The Basic Steps Of How To Clear Love Blocks

How to clear love blocks portions out into the following steps outlined below.

1. Uncover the Origin Of Your Beliefs About Your Feelings

Oftentimes, we have a number of strict beliefs about what we should and should not feel. Accordingly, it is constructive to make a list of your “shoulds” and “should nots.” With this list, it becomes easier for you to ask what particular persons and/or past incidents were associated with them.

Judging Anger Or Sadness As Inappropriate

Proceeding along, we may recall a situation where our parents or other authority figure labelled frowning or sadness or anger as unnatural and chastised us for feeling sad. Also, we may encounter a scene where being angry was termed unladylike, to our tender minds.

Unpredictability That Instills Fear

Again, a father’s frightening, violent outbursts often creates an atmosphere of unpredictability in the home and instills in a child a fear of letting out his or her feelings. Consequently, the child stays constantly on guard against doing anything that would provoke the violent parent.

Bullied Out Of Mourning A Loss

Coupled with, a past episode could reveal a person bullied out of feeling sadness over a loss. In this situation, the bully could label sadness as stupid, weak, babyish or self-pitying.

From not showing our feelings, we often graduate into not feeling them. The situations described above often sowed the seeds of certain limiting beliefs that accompanied us into adult life. The beliefs flaunt the notion that feeling anger, sadness or other strong emotions is either bad or unsafe. From identifying the origin of the beliefs, we move to the next step.

2. Identify What You Feel

When we uncover the origin of the limiting beliefs that keep us from experiencing certain feelings, it becomes easier for us to move beyond them and give ourselves permission to feel. Statements like “I feel bad” or “I feel good” are too general, and will not do. You need to be more precise about what you are feeling. Making a list of words describing different emotional states facilitates this process. This list helps you to identify emotional states like disappointment, sadness, frustration, anxiety, guilt, anger or resentment. As you attune to the specific emotions that you are experiencing, you will start feeling less afraid and censoring of them. A wave of emotional intensity crests and naturally breaks. After the intense feelings recede, you will feel emotionally balanced and a deep sense of calm. Hang on for more.

3. Express Your Feelings

Knowing your own feelings better readies you to express them to your family and friends. Expressing your strong emotions in an honest, direct, non-accusatory way, opens you up to receive the acceptance, support, compassion and love of others. This kind of self-disclosure helps to clear love blocks, promote the expression of love on both sides, and fosters intimacy. On the whole, the idea of how to clear love blocks makes a stir with a good dose of self-awareness.

Our censoring and suppressing certain feelings are often tied to certain beliefs originating from past events of our lives. These beliefs constitute major love blocks since they prevent us from feeling and expressing our emotions. As a result, we deny ourselves the support and love of others. Thus, how to clear love blocks starts with uncovering the origin of the beliefs. When we do that, we give ourselves permission to feel again and allow others’ love to permeate our being.

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