How To Develop A Growth Mindset: The 9 Steps

How To Develop A Growth Mindset 2How To Develop A Growth Mindset

The growth mindset is powered by the belief that your abilities or talents can be improved upon with purposeful effort and engagement. When you develop this mindset, you will see failures and challenges as calls to apply more creative effort at problem solving. This is unlike the attitude of a person, with a fixed mindset, who sees failure as a commentary on his inadequacy or lack. The fixed mindset turns on the belief that talent or abilities are fixed quantities that cannot be improved upon. An aversion to risk-taking, for fear of exposing their inadequacies, and feelings of lack and frustration are notable ills that hallmark people with this mindset. Such ills are scarce around people with the growth mindset. As a result, success attends to them. To take further, how to develop a growth mindset is worth noting since a growth mindset is synonymous with success and creative achievement.

The Rendering Below Points To How To Develop A Growth Mindset.

1. Don’t Base Your Self-Worth On Your Performance

This attitude helps you to keep on trying in the face of adversities or challenges. When your self-image or self-worth is internally based, independent of external happenings or appearances, it becomes easier to tell yourself that you are not a failure, that you only failed at doing something. As you separate failure from your person and see it as an event, you stimulate your self-belief for the better, learn lessons from failure, and set yourself forward.

2. See Setbacks As Temporary

You stand numbered with those with a growth mindset if you do not personalise failure or see a problem as a hole that you’re permanently stuck in. Viewing failure as temporary motivates you to keep trying and believing in your potential. Harry S. Truman, former President of the United States, exhibited such a disposition. At the age of thirty-eight years, in 1922, he was out of work and in debt. In 1945, he became the most powerful leader of the free world.

3. Don’t Allow Any Single Event To Colour Your View Of Yourself

When you desist from sticking uncomplimentary, demoralising labels to yourself because of any single incident, you gear up to see failure as a momentary event, not a life-long curse. With this mentality, you allow your optimism to thrive in the face of failure. A thriving optimism puts you within the vicinity of the concept of how to develop a growth mindset.

4. Approach Each Day With Reasonable Expectations

Setting reasonable expectations for your day and rising above any hurtful feelings when everything doesn’t work out perfectly, is a disposition associated with the idea of how to develop a growth mindset. Mental preparation for overcoming obstacles, and perseverance over the long haul, hold as essential components of success.

5. Focus On Your Strengths, What You Can Do

When you concentrate at all times on what you can do, not on what you can’t do, you improve on your abilities and open up a new vista of winning. In line, activities that draw out your passion promotes investment in effort and opens you to the idea of how to develop a growth mindset. Your area of strength often connects with your past successes.

6. Explore Different Approaches To Solving A Problem

As you vary your approach to problems, you increase your likelihood of success. Novel approaches often draw out negative comments from others. Disregarding such comments and forging ahead frequently aligns you to the path of success. A study revealed that some millionaires who made their fortune by age thirty-five, involved themselves in an average of seventeen businesses. Their experimentation preceded the discovery of the ventures that eventually worked out for them.

7. Promise Yourself To Bounce Back After An Error, Mistake Or Failure

Bouncing back after an error, mistake or failure, hallmarks great achievers. Allow an outcome, not to your liking, to motivate you to figure out what you did so you don’t repeat it again. This tendency helps you to build up your resilience and bounce back.

8. Forget Motivation; Just Do It

You have brighter chances of acting yourself into a feeling of motivation than feeling yourself into action. Like love and happiness, motivation is a by-product. Of a truth, when you start doing something without motivation, positive energising feelings sneak up on you and zap you, making it easy for you to keep doing it. To come to the point, initiating constructive actions takes you to the core of the concept of how to develop a growth mindset.

9. Do Not Allow Your Moment Of Conscious Triumph To Lull You Into The Feeling That Nothing Else Matters, Or Your Moment Of Failure To Make You Feel That It Is Over For You

The wisdom not to rest on your success leads to greater success and achievement. Conversely, seeing your moment of disaster, as the end, stops you from achieving your dreams. When you condition your mind not to allow the pain of failure to transform into a fear of failure, you begin to operate with the concept of how to develop a growth mindset.

A growth mindset stimulates its proponents to take responsibility for their failure and motivation. The idea to act your way into a feeling of motivation instead of waiting for positive emotions to carry you forward oils the concept of how to develop a growth mindset.

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