How To Earn Loyalty And Activate Success

How To Earn Loyalty How To Earn Loyalty 2

How do you make someone stick by you, even in the darkest hour, when others bolt off at the slightest hint that something has gone wrong? Certain strategies can help us instill in anyone an unwavering sense of loyalty. From vendor to employee, coworker or family member, we can make anyone more loyal to us, our company or cause. A backup of loyal people increases the odds for our achieving success and productive outcomes in all spheres of living. With regard to, how to earn loyalty stands worthy of knowing. Winning this loyalty goes beyond offering encouragement and praise, having an open-door policy or having frequent face-to-face meetings.

Here Spotlights How To Earn Loyalty From Others

1. Turn An Outsider Into An Insider

A person’s perception of which side of the fence he’s on, influences his loyalty. By bringing him to your side and making him part of your team, you prime him to fight your battles with you. Turning an outsider into an insider requires you to give him information that few people have. This makes him feel elite and special. Secondly, give him a degree of power and authority within your organisation or team.

To put a construction on, a manager can relate to a questionable employee, “Mike, I want to reveal an important tidbit that is not public yet, so your discretion matters here. We are about to acquire the ABC account.” Once Mike agrees, the manager can add, “we think you are well-qualified to plan how we can best serve them.” Handing him the reins of an aspect of the plan makes him a major player on the inside, with a little measure of power. In this, you create one of your strongest supporters.

In train with, you can solidify customer loyalty by asking him to review monthly customer service feedback reports, a task that takes a few minutes. Your customer will not only appreciate your valuing his input and feedback, but also feel personally vested and connected to your company.

2. Uphold The Truth To Illuminate Fine Character Like A Beacon In A Fog Of Phonies

To communicate that you can be trusted is a way of showing greatness. To be part of something great, to be with someone great, to attach ourselves to a winner, all hallmark us as human beings. On these, when you let others see the greatness within you, you tend to inspire loyalty in them. People would rather take their chances with someone who is principled than someone who tells them what they want to hear or who tries to cover up. Being known as someone who does what is right, even when an easier course of action is clear and readily available, helps you to inspire loyalty in others.

To continue with, here features a good way of demonstrating integrity. If disagreement arises between you and a colleague or spouse, be charitable and take a position that is unfavorable to you. Long after the disagreement has wound up, you will be remembered as the person who operated from a high mind. This attitude draws others to you.

As well, in terms of a contract, commission or billable hours, if you spot a situation advantageous to you, but adverse to your client, and you explain why it is not in his best interest to pursue a certain path, or suggest a less costly alternative, you gain a client for life. A mechanic or dentist revealing that certain works are unnecessary, captivates unwavering loyalty. Clear with, Communicating that you can be trusted starts you aligning to ideas behind how to earn loyalty from others.

3. Harness The Human Tendency To Maintain A Sense Of Consistency

Taking that initial small step in one direction, primes us to maintain a sense of consistency to greater requests and additional investments along those same lines.1

In line with, to start a customer being more loyal to your company, invite him to a company get-together, have him speak with and get to know your employees, request for references and referrals, and suggestions on how to improve your business relationship. These small steps leading to his agreement builds internal momentum. His investing himself in your company clearly reminds him that he must care about your company. To leave you, he would need come up with other reasons for putting so much time and energy into improving the relationship. Having invested himself in your company, it becomes easier for him to come up with reasons for staying than leaving, even when favourable conditions exists elsewhere. The more time he spends with your company or you, the harder it is for him to justify walking away.

Buttressing further, the more emotional, financial or material investment people have in an enterprise, the harder it is for them to jump ship. Little by little when things are going well, involve someone as part of a team or cause. You will discover that they will stand by you during difficult times. The more of themselves they invest in you and your company, the more they will care about you and your company. This holds true in our personal relationships as well.

4. Engage The Law Of Reciprocation

To do something for someone else, to show our loyalty often makes that person feel obligated to pay us back. As human beings, when we are the recipients of someone else’s favour, we frequently feel uncomfortable since it makes us feel dependent. Paying back guarantees our sense of independence and makes us feel more emotionally solvent.

5. Show Gratitude To Make Others Feel Good About Themselves

Showing appreciation for another’s efforts, makes him feel good about himself. Consequently, they will be more willing and eager to help you out again since you have shown yourself worthy of their effort and support. Instead of moving on without looking back when you get what you want, take the time to express your gratitude. It will define you as a person of extraordinary character.


To turn an outsider into an insider, to uphold the truth that shows you trustworthy, to harness our bent to maintain a sense of consistency, to engage the law of reciprocation, and show gratitude, feature as ideas at the core of how to earn loyalty from others. Winning more loyalty from others means getting more support for our cause or goals. On this, the odds for success increases.


1. Freedman, J. L., and S. C. Fraser. “Compliance Without Pressure:The Foot-in-the-Door Technique.” Journal of Personal and Social Psychology 4 (1966): 1951195-202.




  • Great tips. I think a lot of employers and team leaders fail to recognize the importance of gratitude and appreciation. That doesn’t mean they have to do something major or over the top, but don’t forget about the little things. It’s the small day to day opportunities that really can make or break that relationship and the loyalty that it creates.

  • I personally like your #1 and your final point on how to earn loyalty but they all tie into being truthful to yourself and your clients. I find that #1 letting people in as an insider is great unless it seems shady or deceitful. The same goes for showing gratitude. You can just tell when someone is patronizing you. So be true to yourself and to be honest, stop caring what they think. If you create great work, are genuinely thankful for their support or business, and never waiver from your true center, then perhaps loyalty will follow and even it doesnt, who cares, you still have all that success that is true.

  • Your points are really good. Loyalty is one of the most important qualities a friend can have. When you know someone’s loyal, you know they’re reliable. You know you can trust them, and that they’ll always have your back. It’s what sets your true friends apart from the rest of the pack.

  • I think the first point is important in all walks of life. Being an outsider doesn’t feel good no matter where you are, so if I ever notice someone who is, I always try to get to know them and bring them into my group, and I always try to make friends with others who would do the same too. Being grateful always goes a long way in terms of friendship as well, although that can hurt when it is not reciprocated.

  • Great points. For me, truth stands out. Once people know you for it, they’ll respect you and will work with your standards. Another thing that sticks is gratitude. When people put in the effort, show some gratitude. Nice post.

  • These are all really good points and I agree with these as I have experienced it myself esp. #1, me being an outsider to an insider. I’ve seen it also in my previous work where employees who feel less appreciated resigned. These are all important factors to take into account.

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