How To Find Peace In The Face Of Adversity

How To Find Peace In The Face Of Adversity 2

How To Find Peace In The Face Of Adversity

How to find peace in the face of adversity centers on framing loss with a positive mindset. It is about viewing the experience of loss, and recognizing it has added to our lives, not only taken something away. By focusing on the bright side, in spite of the loss, we open ourselves to peace and contentment. To adopt a positive mindset, with a focus on creating good helps us cope with unthinkable loss. Overtime, we find contentment, happiness, and peace.

These Strategies Underlie How To Find Peace In The Face Of Adversity

1. Attend To The Small Joys Of Daily Life

Oftentimes, when we are struggling to cope with a major loss, we find it difficult to find happiness. However, focusing on the small joys of daily life can make a world of difference, in getting through a devastating event. For good, we can divert our attention with some constructive activities, instead of being preoccupied with the adverse event.

In line with, take a walk outside and focus on the beauty of nature. Savour the smell of freshly cut grass, the colours of flowers, the sound of birds singing. Connect with a dear friend. Write a letter. Make a call. Meet for coffee to really catch up. Read a novel. Watch television or a movie. Clean out a closet. Exercise. Meditate, pray or say an affirmation. Find a few good moments everyday, no matter your circumstance.

2. Build Connections

Frequently, we feel isolated and alone in our grief, following a great loss. On this, making connections with others, especially those who understand the nature of the loss, can make it easier for us to cope and find happiness again. The support of formal and informal grief support groups can prove valuable for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

In detail, survivors can share their experiences, obtain guidance on coping, and discuss the big questions. Why did this happen? Is life fair? Is there God? We tend to feel less alone when we participate in a support group with others who understand what we are going through. In consequence, we experience reductions in grief severity. Seeking out social support from, and developing stronger connections with others can decrease our anxiety and depression. This helps us engage more ideas of how to find peace in the face of adversity.

3. Design Some Good, No Matter The Circumstances

In spite of facing a terrible tragedy, we can still create some good for others, if not for ourselves. To create good from loss is to survive and thrive in the face of tragedy or adversity.

Putting a construction on, a woman whose child is stillborn can chose to pump breast milk to donate to premature babies. This is against binding her breast to stop breast milk production. With her worthy choice, she helps to reduce the risk of health problems in premature babies. As well, the great meaning in her choice energises her.

Furthermore, the parent of a rogue teenage murderer and suicide can publish a book, a personal diary. Her goal to help other families recognise the signs she missed in her own child, stands out. She hopes that such knowledge could help prevent future tragedies. In addition, she could decide to donate all proceeds from the book to charitable organisations focusing on mental illness and suicide prevention.


A positive mindset can help us find meaning in life and strength in coping with adversity. Stressing on, if you are struggling after an immense loss, find a way to create some good out of the experience. You can work to create an awareness of a disease, establish an award or scholarship in honour of a loved one. More, volunteer with an organisation helping others who have experienced similar loss. As we create good despite our loss, we find contentment, happiness, and peace, overtime.

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