How To Increase Focus And Productivity: The Story

How To Increase Focus And Productivity 2How To Increase Focus And Productivity

About shifted Dami on the sofa in his living room. A cup of coffee steamed up beside him. It’s sweet aroma stimulating his senses. For the umpteenth time, he asked himself a recurring question. “How can I increase my focus and productivity?” That question of how to increase focus and productivity nagged at him constantly.

Going forward, he took a position. “I will do away with all the silly time management techniques and impotent productivity hacks.” Determination shone in his eyes as the counsel of his seasoned mentor began to flash inside his mind.

To buttress with, the wisdom revolves around how to increase focus and productivity.

1. Embrace Feelings Of Procrastination, For What You Resist Persists

He squinted at the blank television screen. “I will no longer indulge in negative, Judgemental thoughts triggered by procrastination: “I’m really poor at focusing and getting tasks done on time,” “why am I such an unrepentant procrastinator?” “why can’t I be part of those who are focused and productive?” “These thoughts worsen my feelings.” Dami lifted his eyes to the air conditioning unit and welcomed a blast of cool air. “Henceforth, I will not distract myself from or try to suppress any feelings of procrastination. Instead, I will label, and observe it and any automatic thought connected to it, to unhook myself from it.”

“Along with, to train myself to see feelings of procrastination as neutral, not a threat, and to lessen its intensity, I will accept it. Again, I will remind myself of a time when I accomplished a meaningful project in spite of experiencing feelings of procrastination. I don’t have to act on my procrastinating feelings. I’m not abnormal for feeling it. It is part of the shared human experience.” Resolve welled up within him as he nodded his head.

2. Reconstruct ‌Your Personal And Work Environment To Serve Your Purpose

Dami drew in a deep breath. “I like the fact that how to increase focus and productivity lies within my power to control. My intentions, thoughts, and behaviours play a part here. Essential to, an environment boasting of items, friendships, and alliances supportive of my goals, stimulate me forward to fulfill my potential and increase my productivity. Conversely, an unconstructive environment casts sabotaging influences on me. Following this, I will rid my work environment of all digital distractions. Uninstall all needless applications. Put off my phone when I’m working. Apply strict rules for checking my emails.”

“In good with, I will remove all the chocolates and sweets that stare at me when I open the refrigerator. I will position the garlic bulbs by the pantry door where I can easily see them when I pass. All unsupportive friendships must go. To continue with, Reconstructing my personal environment limits the use of my willpower and helps me to conserve my energy. Benefit with, I become fully engaged with what I’m doing.”

3. Keep A Consistent Time For Doing Focused, Undistracted Creative Work

Dami tapped on his cheeks. “Early in the morning, my office is a sanctuary, good for creative work. As soon as I get to the office in the morning, I will start on tasks that matter to me. For better, I will start with 45 minutes and eventually extend it to 1 hour or more, to improve my skills, harness my full potential, produce high quality work, and create new value. This time will be sacred to me. Nothing will rob me of it. Tracking my progress and rewarding myself also features here.”

4. Cash My $100 Cheque If I Fail To Meet The Project Deadline

Dami chuckled under his breath. “I’ve written a hundred-dollar cheque and handed it to my close buddy. If I Fail to meet the deadline of my current project, he will cash the cheque. Otherwise, he will hand back the cheque to me. This should fire me up to focus on my project and deliver. In line with, I will also pay in advance for the skill improvement course. Doing this stimulates me to stay on course for the program.

5. Prepare In Advance For The Next Day

Sideways he swayed his head, reaching out for the cup of coffee. “Five minutes is enough for me to organise the items I need to accomplish my first task tomorrow morning. My focus and productivity will be the better for it.”

Dami sprang to his feet, threw his hands behind, smiled, and strode forward. “How to increase focus and productivity truly lies in my power.”

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