How To Increase Your Well-being And Thrive

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your life, right now? What about that scarcity of positive thoughts and feelings, and that displeasure over work and personal relationships? Do not feel strange because you are not alone. I’m sure that you agree with me that the idea of how to increase your well-being is worth attending to. Won’t it be nice to feel pleased with yourself, most times? Join me to look at how to increase your well-being.

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1. Put In Your View The Immediate Or Short-term Consequences Of A Habit Or An Action

For instance, it is easier to avoid a greasy or a calorie-dense snack by reminding yourself of the inevitable, burdensome high-fat hangover or guilt-trip. Seeing immediate benefits, motivates you to pursue constructive activities that enhance your well-being.

2. Engage In A Fulfilling, Meaningful Job Or Vocation Where You Can Apply Your Strengths Daily

When you wake up everyday looking forward to work, you set the right stage for your well-being to thrive. Being engaged and interested in what you are doing increases your well-being. By engaging fully with your task, you open a path to the concept of how to increase your well-being.

3. Avoid Prolonged periods Of Idleness Or Unemployment

Employment counts as working in an office, volunteering, raising your children, or starting your own business. You don’t necessarily have to earn a paycheck to be gainfully employed. The important thing is to find something that you enjoy doing on a daily basis. Oftentimes, daily boredom and lack of social contact undermines your well-being.

4. Appreciate The People In Your Work And Personal Life

To draw the energy of appreciation to yourself, you don’t need to wait around. In good earnest, reach out and appreciate the positive aspects and strengths of others. Of a truth, the favour will flow back to you, in a stronger degree. As you feel appreciated, high levels of well-being flood your being. To feel appreciated is to argue for the idea of how to increase your well-being.

5. Discover A Deep Purpose In Life And Plan To Accomplish It

To hatch up a plan to accomplish an expansive goal fires up your enthusiasm. This passion motivates you to learn from setbacks, rather than succumb to it.

6. Spend More Time With People Who Share Your Passion And Encourage Your Growth

Identifying with such people helps you to foster your enthusiasm about the future.

How To Increase Your Well-being

7. Endeavour To Have Direct And Frequent Social Contact With People Who Radiate Positive Energy

Studies indicate that people within our vicinity have the potency to influence our well-being. Even your friend’s independent network of relationships, is capable of exerting a positive or negative influence on your well being. To join with, we are often in the habit of synchronising our moods with the people around us. Being around upbeat people tends to uplift. Of a fact, being within the vicinity of the positive vibes of others opens you to the idea of how to increase your well-being.

8. Heal Your Relationships

Responding with empathy and adopting a dual perspective help to reduce tension and hostility in a relationship. Being in harmonious relationships promotes your overall well being. Close relationships further happiness and long life.

9. Create Memorable Experiences

You can create such experiences by taking your loved ones out to dinner or the movies, or taking a vacation with them. The joy of looking forward to the event and the fond memories attendant to it, conspire together to elevate your well-being. In contrast, the novelty of material items fades with time, but fond memories are always evergreen in our minds. When you buy experiences, not material things, you begin to merge with the concept of how to increase your well-being.

10. Look For Something To Be Grateful For

A feeling of contentment and gratitude, boosts your well-being.

11. Exercise Regularly, Eat A Balanced Diet, And Get Enough Sleep

A good exercise regimen, good dietary choices, and a good night’s sleep, help you to look better, feel better, and live longer. A sound night’s sleep enhances your memory and learning, and prepares you well for the next day. In line, exercising for at least two days a week, minimises stress and improves your sense of well-being. To add to, going for healthy foods rich in vegetables and nuts, boosts your energy and bridles your hunger for long periods of time. Balance in your physical experience means that the idea of how to increase your well-being, has taken root inside your mind.

12. Discard The Belief That Having More Money Will Make You Happier

This belief drives you into perpetual want of money, irrespective of how much you have accumulated. Consequently, you invite in discontentment that sabotages your sense of well-being. A high level of satisfaction and contentment with your income, not the level of income itself, uplifts your well-being.

13. Give To Others

How you spend your money and other resources, matters to your well-being. Spending your money on another person and giving to charity, enhances your well-being. Conversely, pursuing power, fame, social recognition, with your money, does not impact positively on your well-being. Looking beyond yourself, furthers the idea of how to increase your well-being.

14. Avoid The Trap Of Being A Perfectionist

There is often no perfect decision. Perfectionists disregard this fact. Instead, they allow dissatisfaction and regret to run them about, because of decisions they made. In the process, they undermine their well-being. For good, aim for your decisions to cross the threshold of acceptability, to stand as good choices.

15. Take Control Of Your Life

Having a sense of control over important aspects of your life improves your life satisfaction.

16. Cultivate Faith And Hope

The belief that you are part of something bigger than yourself, that things will eventually work out, helps you to give meaning to your life. It also heartens you through setbacks, as you pursue your goals.

17. Reclaim Your Personal Power

The ultimate power of choice, lies with you. All external judgements and assumptions about you are nothing until you give them power by accepting and internalising them. So, in the face of biting criticism and judgement, rise up and affirm your eternal worthiness in thoughts, words, and deeds. Remember that happiness does not lie in any external event. It is your perception that awakens or sabotages happiness within.

18. Avoid Wealth-Accumulation Strategies That Invite Daily Stress

A return worth your effort cannot be found in such investment outlets. If a major investment like buying a car or a home saddles you with a burden of debt that distresses you, your well-being will be at risk.

Worthwhile feelings of well-being stand on finding something you love to do that benefits others and society, strengthening your relationships, providing for your family, and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Thus, the idea of how to increase your well being, encourages you to harmonise all aspects of your life.

Further Reading

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