How To Live Life With Intention, To Enjoy It

How To Live Life With IntentionHow To Live Life With Intention 2

We often miss our big opportunities when we simply let the day happen to us. Away from this, by being more deliberate in our thoughts, words, attitudes, and actions, we tweak for the better, how our working hours feel and our productivity. Acknowledging this, how to live life with intention, truly matters. An intention-setting routine starts us paying explicit attention to the priorities, concerns, and mood we are carrying into the day. This is important since we become much more attuned to anything related to the priorities, concerns, and assumptions, we hold in our minds. Our minds have a tendency of making us see anything directly relevant to our priorities, and blanking any other idea that seems contrary or off topic.

An Intention-setting Routine That Rewards

We can practice this routine the night before or in the morning. Upshots to, the routine helps us to become more upbeat, calmer, purposeful, and productive. A few minutes of mental preparation, quickly checking and resetting our priorities and assumptions, helps us to have a more enjoyable and productive day.

To continue with, the routine headlines. An intention-setting routine helps us to set our perceptual filters in a productive manner. First, put in your view the most important of today’s activities. Your real aim features as what really matters in making a success your personal or workplace interactions, and the work you do. The aim can stand as promoting a collaborative spirit among your team and helping your people to get off to a strong start with your new clients. Proceeding along, as you think about the upcoming day, notice your thoughts and moods, and the concerns or assumptions behind them. If they are working against your real aim, set them aside for more constructive ones. Then, highlight your priorities, what you want to see more of, and look out for them. For instance, you can prime yourself to spot and promote opportunities to exchange productive ideas.

Here Spotlights How To Live Life With Intention

1. Plan For Your Desired Outcome And Anticipated Obstacles

As you spend some time on the negatives, you stimulate yourself to address those obstacles head-on. This approach is often called “mental contrasting,” because you are comparing your ideal outcome with the challenging reality of day-to-day life. To illustrate further, the technique starts you not to confuse the faith that you will prevail in the end, with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality. With this realistic idealism, you translate your intentions to actions quicker. Close upon, you are more likely to achieve your goals if you examine hard both the outcome you want and the obstacles you are facing. It pays to plan for both. Have in a contingency plan to prevent obstacles from getting in the way.

2. Expose Yourself To Influences Triggering Helpful Associations In The Mind

To apply this technique, consider the types of thoughts and feelings you want to encourage in yourself today. Sequel to, explore words or phrases that might help remind you of those intentions. Further with, ponder how to use that language in your “to-do” list, meetings or emails. For instance, if you have an intention to say less and listen more, in a meeting today, writing “less is more” in your notebook and allowing your eyes to fall on the phrase from time-to-time, can stand as an excellent cue to get you started on your intentions. As you do this, you contract an idea being part of how to live life with intention.

As well, you can arrange your surroundings as an analogy to your intentions. Buttressing with, to promote open-mindedness, find an open space to sit and think; creativity, sit in a place full of art; clear thinking, clear your desk or workspace or brighten the lighting; relaxed discussion, choose a cozy space instead of a boardroom.

3. Do A Mind’s-Eye Rehearsal, To Make It Easier For You To Summon A Desired Behaviour

To start off, we activate our brains in much the same way when we are visualising something as when we are having the actual experience of it. In keeping with, the more we rehearse a particular behaviour, the easier for us to summon that behaviour when we most need it. Following this, note that effective visualisation is not just muttering, “I believe I will achieve it, and I will.” It requires imagining the specifics of a challenge ahead, and visualising how you would address and overcome those challenges, based on your past experience and current knowledge. To spell out with, as you mentally rehearse for good your upcoming activities, you align yourself to the worthy track of how to live life with intention.

Together with, mind’s-eye rehearsal becomes more effective as you accommodate more sensory information. Sounds, feelings, smells, tastes, visual images, feature here. What is more, as you practice this technique, you build up a playlist of successful memories to call on, to do a successful presentation, become more tolerant or patient, or engage in other constructive activities.

Wining Your Day

In line with, think about your intentions and goals for the day’s challenging task, conversation or meeting you are preparing for. Then, highlight an example from your past where you behaved and felt just as you’d like to today. Next, find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably and close your eyes. Subsequently, with your mind’s eye, look around, recall what you and others said, what you thought, and note the feelings or sensations that came across. Afterwards, open your eyes, and note any image or phrase that might help you quickly reconnect with the scene. Thereafter, close your eyes again and visualise yourself handling beautifully, from start to finish, the day’s upcoming challenging tasks. In your mind, play the full movie with the sights, sounds, and sensations you expect or want to have.


How to live life with intention, flaunts ideas that start us making some conscious decisions about what matters. A small amount of preparation makes the better of everything we do later in the day. Thinking about two or three things that we need to accomplish tomorrow, ideas we need to bring to meetings, and visualising who we want to be in front of others, and how to overcome obstacles, primes us to become more productive.


    • Great read! I think in life you should always know your purpose and reasons why so that you make your dreams achieveable.

  • Love this such a positive message and yes you are so right…enjoy your life the best way possible with purpose x

  • So true. We have to visualize our successes and victories and propel our actions with intention towards them.

  • Great suggestions! It is so important to be intentional with our efforts if we hope to achieve our goals, regardless of how big or small they may be. I have been working on being more intentional with my blogging efforts, especially with Blogtober now upon us. I am going to try using these tips to work on improving my productivity during ‘work hours’, but also to take more time away from it all with my husband and our pets.

  • As someone who gets very anxious, visualizing your goals for the day is so, so important. I like the idea of reflecting on a time where you felt the same way and it turned out okay. It can really help your mind focus on the positives.

  • Being intentional is one of my new year’s resolution. I agree with you that it is best that we try our best to make conscious decisions on what truly matters. I have been doing this for the best 10 months and yes, I have never been this productive in my whole life. Thank you for sharing these tips. It is an affirmation that I am doing the right thing.

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