How To Look More Friendly And Approachable

How To Look More Friendly And Approachable

If you are distant, not easy to be around with, not comfortable with first contacts, hard to know, don’t care about building rapport with others, you may be characterised as unapproachable. The aforementioned attitudes hamper your workplace and interpersonal transactions. To come to the point, how to look more friendly and approachable explores ideas that help you to form more productive alliances and secure the cooperation of others.

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1. Initiate The Interaction Or Transaction

To be approachable is to develop the knack for initiating interactions. Initiating an interaction takes the form of putting out your hand first, making first eye contact and noting the colour of the other person’s eyes to ensure good eye contact. More to do, ask the first question or share the first piece of information. When you make the first three minutes comfortable for the other person, you set the stage for a more productive interaction.

2. Listen Without Interrupting

You stand approachable if you listen without interrupting, if you avoid instant judgements but ask clarifying questions. The judiciousness to listen to understand rises good to cultivate. You signal understanding by paraphrasing what the other person said, nodding your head, jotting down points. Good listeners are not quick to offer advice or solutions unless it is obvious the other person is soliciting for it. As you take to good listening habits, you rise to the reality of how to look more friendly and approachable.

3. Confide Your Thinking On An Issue And Invite Responses From Others

When you share more information, you get more in return. Along with, passing on tidbits of information that will help others to become more effective in their lives, disclosing some things about yourself, stimulate others to relate better with you. Since people find it difficult to relate to an enigma, it pays for you to also reveal things about yourself that people don’t need to know to become better. Such disclosures interest others and help them feel valued.

4. Aim To Know And Remember Important Things About Your Interactants

The insight to know at least three personal things about your interactant, primes you to chat with and set them at ease. Acquainting yourself with and chatting about others’ interests, aspirations, families, validates your interactants as unique beings. Validated people offer no resistance. In addition, ask some more questions and you will discover that you have something in common with virtually anyone. Common grounds help to forge connections. In truth, you make the most of the conception of how to look more friendly and approachable, as you show genuine interest in others.

5. Maintain An Open Body Posture

Take your time to appear and sound open and relaxed. You do your part for the idea of how to look more friendly and approachable by avoiding defensive body postures like crossing your arms against your chest and pointing the toes toward the door. Adjunct to, avoid speaking too rapidly or forcefully, using strongly worded or loaded language, or going into too much detail. Further with, refrain from glancing at your watch, fiddling with paperwork, for they signal disinterest to others. Instead, cultivate the habit of speaking in a paced, pleasant tone.

6. Ask More Curiosity Questions To Understand Others

As you ask more curiosity questions and make fewer solution statements early in an interaction or transaction, you set yourself up to learn more about and understand others. That mirrors my own personal experience. Try it out and see for yourself. Curiosity questions begin with statements like “what if,” “what are you thinking,” “how do you see that.” At good, a good dose of curiosity sets you forward with the essence of how to look more friendly and approachable.

7. Be Conscious Of The People You Are Not Approachable With

Applying the principles of being approachable nets you the same positive results irrespective of the level, style, gender, race or background of your interactant.

8. Banish The Fear Of Initiating First Contact By Setting A Goal Of Meeting 10 New People At A Social Gathering

You can initiate this contact at your place of worship, PTA meetings, in the neighbourhood, at the supermarket, on the plane or on the bus. As you do so, you will realise that your fears are exaggerated and irrational. In consequence, you banish them. You thrill to the design of how to look more friendly and approachable, as you challenge and set aside your irrational fears.

9. Find Out How People Behave When They Are Uncomfortable With You

Unapproachable people spew out instant questions beginning with the word “why,” answers, solutions, conclusions, statements, dictates. These instant outputs makes others feel diminished, rejected, and angry. To keep others from resisting or avoiding you, you need to read your audience to find out what they look like when they are uncomfortable with you. Do they stumble over words? Back up? Cringe? Stand at the door hoping not to get invited in. The information from your audience, stimulates you to take constructive steps to set others at ease. Such steps include sharing something personal about yourself, asking open-ended questions, offering them something to drink if the situation permits.

10. Allow People To Vent Their Anger Or Express Themselves

Most people find it difficult to continue venting their anger for long without encouragement or resistance. When you don’t respond, the anger peters out. Forward with, ask a chronic complainer to write down perceived problems and solutions. Then, discuss them with him or her. This practice can wean the person off complaining. For someone complaining about another person, summarise what he or she said without agreeing or disagreeing. To saddle with, encourage him or her to talk to the other person. In sum, giving others space to express themselves, resonates with the meaning of how to look more friendly and approachable.

11. Interrupt Gently To Summarise And Ask Others To Think More Before Continuing

This approach demonstrates to your interactant that you are paying attention to and understanding his or her communication. To append to, it primes the other person to concentrate, sift out unnecessary details, and disclose quickly. As a result, you save on your time.

Insights on how to look more friendly and approachable, stimulate you to smooth interactions, and helps you to create a conducive atmosphere for effective problem solving.

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