How To Maximise Your Strength And Boost Productivity

How To Maximise Your StrengthHow To Maximise Your Strength 2

How would you like to stop undermining your sense of self. That is often occasioned by consistently practicing a weakness. You can double or triple your productivity and effectiveness by playing to your strength. To support with, SRI Gallup, an international research consulting firm dedicated to human resources research, discovered that maximum productivity can be achieved by focusing on strengths and managing weaknesses. We are confident and stronger when we are recalling a moment of success. Hence, the subject of how to maximise your strength headlines important.

What Strength Is

Strength is a unique pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving that can be harnessed productively at a task, to yield value, excellence and satisfaction. In this regard, everyone is endowed with one strength or the other. A yearning or attraction for one activity over another, rapid learning and satisfaction in an activity, all point to strength. Strength could be teaching, selling, developing others and so on.

How To Maximise Your Strength

Doing more of what you are good at helps you to maximise your strength. The following steps aid you to achieve that.

1. Practice Your Strength Without Ceasing

Developing your strength to write, lead, teach, communicate, by getting out there and doing it, boosts your productivity and satisfaction. Clint Black, the country music singer and winner of the 1990 Grammy Award for Best Country Singer of the Year, followed this line of wisdom. He seized every opportunity to sing in clubs, porches and at church gatherings. Similarly, Sidney Sheldon, the best-selling novelist, turned out fifty pages a day. Next to, studies show that it takes between ten and seventeen years to achieve world-class competency in any field. In truth, pursuing your strength intensifies it.

2. Visualise Your Success To Enjoy It Over And Over Again

You will open yourself to future success as you think more of yourself doing your very best work. Feel all the emotion and satisfaction, attending the moment. As you recall the satisfying feelings, you will feel inspired to further develop and work on your strength. This recall helps you to entrench within the idea of how to maximise your strength.

3. Describe Your Strength In Written Details

As you describe your strength in vivid written details, noting where it takes place, what it feels like when you are practicing it, your most rewarding moment experiencing it, you familiarise yourself with it. This makes it easier for you to have an in-depth understanding of it and to practice it with greater ease. To continue with, practicing your strength may open you to a satisfying feeling of being powerful, being in total control. Confronting a challenge or uncertainty and winning people over may also bring in some satisfying feelings. You endeavour after the idea of how to maximise your strength by familiarising yourself with your ability.

4. Talk About How It Feels When You Are Exercising Your Strength

Talking about the proudest moments, experienced by you, in the exercise of your strength, energises you to continue developing it. Helpful here is identifying and talking about people who are leaders in your field, whom you would like to learn from. Also, verbally recounting your greatest moments connected to the practice of your strength, helps you to stay on your strength’s path.

5. Maximise Your Strength Within The Framework Of A Vision

Your mission is why you do what you do. Since the benefits of a mission often extend far beyond a lifetime, there is an eternal quality to it. A goal provides a platform for fulfilling a mission. A desire to actualise your personal mission, motivates you to build up your strength. Hence, the framework of a mission stimulates you to develop your strength. For instance, a nurse, with a mission to enhance the well-being of patients, needs to build up her empathy. The effective use of this strength, draws in pleasant feelings of satisfaction that reinforces the sense of mission. Mission drives strength. A constructive cycle is born. For emphasis, a mission could feature as a desire to provide quality to people in a product or service, or a desire to help people foster their self-esteem. In line, a personal mission affords you the opportunity to take into your mind the idea of how to maximise your strength.

6. Build Up Your Relationship With Those Who Believe In Your Strength

When those who care about you, celebrate your successes and empathise with you during your difficult moments, they motivate you to continue developing your strength. Studies indicate that establishments that frequently boast of the greatest profits, have the highest percentage of employees with best friends at work. Strong relationships help you to develop your strength. Relationship building features as the process of investing in another person. You can do this by doing things for that person’s benefit without the consideration of self-reward.

7. Shape Your Expectations According To Your Strength

When you fashion your expectations in harmony with your strength, you motivate yourself to develop your strength, for the purpose of fulfilling your expectations. Additionally, communicating to a trusted friend an intention, like a desire to run a marathon or write a book, draws out a fresh expectation. This new expectation further energises you to build up your strength for its fulfilment. You want to live up to your friend’s expectations. Clear expectations ramp up your desire to actualise them. In addition, it motivates you to take to the idea of how to maximise your strength.

8. Celebrate Your Successes And Achievements

The practice of celebration activates your strength and motivates you to work on improving it. Positive recognition for good performance, drives you to develop your strength. As a result, your efficiency and productivity get a boost.

Your uniqueness defines your strength or talent. Your greatest chance for success lies in playing to your strength. The concept of how to maximise your strength revolves around practicing your strength on a consistent basis.

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