How To Rebuild Trust In A Relationship

How to rebuild trust in a relationship is a subject worthy of note. It is trust that motivates you to express yourself fully in a relationship. As you do that, you secure to yourself the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes along. A high level of trust improves the problem solving capabilities of the partners in the relationship.

To continue with, you demonstrate trust in someone if you willingly attribute good intentions to and have confidence in his or her words and actions. In the course of our interactions, we often do something that breaks someone’s trust in us. Whether our actions are intentional or not, it is important for us to take steps to rebuild the broken trust. In earnest, how to build trust in a relationship takes the following forms.

1. Take The First Step And Own Responsibility For The Misdeed Before The Aggrieved Confronts You

At the point of doing this, you insulate the violated from bearing a double burden. For certain, when trust is broken, the consequences of the trust violation presses down like a burden on the victim. So, your gesture of stepping forward frees her from an additional burden. That burden is the social awkwardness and embarrassment that comes along with confronting another over an infraction. At all events, when you take the first step to remedy a broken trust, it shows that you value the relationship.

2. Acknowledge That A Breach Of Trust Has Occurred

As you identify yourself as the transgressor, you make it easier for your partner to place on you all responsibility for the perceived harm. When she clearly places responsibility on you, it also becomes easier for her to forgive you. Studies back up this notion.

3. Make Your Apology Specific Instead Of General

Being specific implies that you acknowledge that you understand what you did that hurt the other person. Therefore, it is wise to avoid this type of general statement: “I’m sorry for what I did.” Instead, turn to this one: I’m sorry that I have not given you enough credit for all the support you give me at home.” In short, the subject of how to rebuild trust in a relationship does not tolerate ambiguity.

How To Rebuild Trust In A Relationship

4. Acknowledge That You Are Genuinely Troubled By Your Hurtful Behaviour

To acknowledge that you know that you hurt your partner by your actions and that you are troubled by your behaviour, assures her that you share a common moral ground. Furthermore, it reveals your disappointment for not living up to the mutual moral standards. Thus, this statement is appropriate here: “how can I be so insensitive after all the support you give me?”

5. Never Trivialise The Transgression

Of a truth, it is constructive to avoid statements like “it was nothing,” or “nothing really happened to cause any harm.”

6. Explain Why You Did What You Did

For sure, doing so reveals that you are not an untrustworthy person by character. Again, it shows that you acted that way in a specific situation. Statements that are of relevance here include: “I was in a hurry,” or “I wasn’t thinking.” Accordingly, being straightforward is an idea that is accommodated by the topic of how to rebuild trust in a relationship.

7.Indicate That You Are Willing To Take The Necessary Steps To Rebuild The Trust, Even At Some Discomfort To You

Your intention let’s your partner know that you are willing to endure personal hardship on her behalf. You improve your chances of mending the broken trust when you follow up with a reassuring statement like “At dinnertime, I will openly appreciate you for all your support and contribution to the upliftment of our family.”

How to rebuild trust  in a relationship are steps that reassure your partner that you have empathy for her feelings. Also, the efforts pacifies your partner to feel safe with you in the future.


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