How To Stay Authentic And Become More Effective

How To Stay Authentic 2How To Stay Authentic

Projecting a distorted image of yourself, to meet someone’s expectations or ideals, makes you to lose what makes you special:yourself. On a different note, being authentic, connecting to your true wholesome feelings, remains the master key to a positive life and career. To shed more light upon, it makes you easier to deal and work with. Again, it keeps you from the exhaustion associated with maintaining facades or masks. As a result, you have more energy to invest in constructive ventures, to boost your effectiveness. More to, others tend to respect and cooperate better with you when they feel they know you as a person, that you are authentic. With this in view, how to stay authentic warrants due attention.

How To Stay Authentic Headlines

1. Become Aware Of Your Reactions

Your reactions to your life’s circumstances tell you more about who you are. In line with, your character, your strengths, and the things you need to be better at, show up through your reactions.

Further with, write down your three best personal attributes, together with the three things you need to be better at. Then, practice those traits accordingly in your life. As you identify how others respond when you are exhibiting either one of your positive or negative attributes, you understand how they perceive you, and why they react to you in a certain manner. To understand how your behaviour impacts others, enables you to get to the core of who you are.

2. Kick The Temptation To Compare Yourself To Others

Although admiring other’s achievements remains okay, endeavour to put your personal development in the forefront of your concerns. As you seek to be the best you can be, avoid comparing yourself to others. To spell out with, leverage on your strengths, to accomplish your goals. Close upon, be gracious about your success. Share your learning with others.

3. Remain Positive With All People

The way you treat others speaks volumes about you. Besides, understand that others poor or dismissive reactions to your ideas, point to certain issues troubling their minds, not to you. Forward from, be kind. Remember and use people’s names. Pick an honest interest in their welfare. Choose to be more constructive than critical, in all situations. Of a truth, being positive with others, stands as part of the ideas behind how to stay authentic.

4. Own Your Mistakes And Flaws

Others will find you refreshing when you accept responsibility and accountability for your actions. Therefore, it pays to be honest with people around you. Truth to, honesty begins with you. Coming of, honest and open people frequently feature as likely candidates for senior responsibilities.

5. Avoid Living In The Past

Avoid the trap of exaggerating the issues and being too self-critical, because you are too close to them. Verging upon, learn from your past. Keep from living there. Put the issues in real context. Forgive yourself. Let go of any negative emotion.

The Sense Of Self From Recurring Compulsions, Past Patterns, And Uproductive Beliefs, Is False

We often form our own beliefs about ourselves from our past experiences, successes and failures, humiliations, triumphs, and the way others react to us. Out of these, we shape a sense of ourselves, but this is not the most authentic version of who we are. On that, challenging our unproductive narratives or beliefs, helps us to keep down self-criticism or perfectionism. As we do that, we increase our self-love. Self-love stimulates us to feel and act from our Wholeness, our true authentic self. Judging from, self-love hallmarks the notions behind how to stay authentic.

6. Stop Worrying About What Others Think Of You

To get everyone to like you, no matter how hard you try, remains an impossible task. Following this, stop worrying about what others think of you. Evaluate other people’s feedback and critiques. Use them to make yourself a stronger and better person, not to undermine the development of your talent or ability.

7. In Good Earnest, Stop Worrying About What Will Happen

Oftentimes, when we think about the last time we were really worried about something, we realise that the unpleasant part of the experience was worrying, not the actual outcome. Bordering to, reflecting on past experiences that we thought were intolerable frequently starts us laughing at how seriously we took the issue and ourselves at that time.

8. Put Your Uniqueness On Display

We remain incredibly unique in a world of billions of people. Instead of mimicking others, whether by means of buying similar clothes, or pursuing similar hobbies and lifestyles, focus on yourself as a brand. The universe boasts of only one such product. Exhibit your personality, quirks, and humour. Beside this, reveal what makes you interesting and unique. Truth upon, promote yourself as a brand if you want to be heard and recognised.

9. Use Your Unique Talents, Abilities And Experience To Serve Others

Your calling headlines as the unique way you use your talents, abilities, passion, desires, and experiences, to serve others. To throw more light upon, making out time for or choosing a career revolving around helping others, fighting for a social cause, donating to charity, bettering the world, nurturing children, feature here.

10. Let Happen Naturally Helping And Pleasing Others

When you are overly focused or worried about pleasing others, you are trying too hard. That can be really exhausting. Contrary to, making helping and pleasing others, an idea that happens naturally, enlivens. In the face of, expressing yourself in a balanced, relaxed way, helps you to get a sight of the ideas at the core of how to stay authentic.

11. Listen To Your Intuition

Have you done something that you regretted afterwards because you knew it was the wrong thing to do? In that situation, your intuition spoke. As well, the answer to an important question in our lives often pop up from our intuition. For that, stop and listen. Silencing or tuning out our thoughts and emotions, helps us to access our intuition, that still, quiet voice. Forward from, if you continue to sense the same answer from your intuition, it’s probably on to a notion that deserves your attention.

12. Strive To Become A Better Version Of Yourself

As you work through your challenges and weaknesses, you become better. This better version of yourself is calmer and more connected to your values. In addition, this improved version of yourself stands more resilient in the face of difficulties.

How to stay authentic upholds ideas that motivate us to honour our true nature, not to sacrifice them to meet others’ expectations or standards. As we do that, we strengthen our connection to the very roots of our being and increase our aliveness. As we become more spontaneous, other’s find it easier to live and deal with us.


  • I will print this article and put it on my wall. I enjoyed reading it and I have found so many things that I need to change about myself and don’t know how to start. Thank you for this.

  • This post has come into my life at a very important time; I am becoming far too wrapped up in other people’s perceptions of me and it really is clouding my happiness and affecting how I spend each day.. I AM too concerned with how people view me, I always have been, and I just don’t know why. *I* know I’m a good person, so why does it matter if others do? It says a lot more about them if they don’t see me for who I am, so all that really matters is that I stay authentic, and thanks to the tips from this post, I know how to do that better than ever. This definitely was a sign. Thank you again đź’•

  • So true! Comparison is the thief of joy and whenever we compare, we cannot fully enjoy our accomplishments. I sometimes fall into this but recognize it and pull myself out bit by bit. Also, living in the past doesn’t help either as we tend to shape our present from past triumphs and tribulations.

  • Everything you wrote is so true. I have to learn to stop comparing myself to others. That is my biggest flaw. I easily get frustrated when I learn of a former schoolmate who found success in her career. I know my time will come, so I have to learn to be patient and continue to work hard to achieve my dreams.

  • I agree with no.8 so much. Sometimes, people tend to shrink themselves into boxes in order to not be judged. Sometimes, I am like that, too. Although that is the case, I am trying my best to embrace my uniqueness because I know that it is a part of me that should be displayed for it makes me me.

  • There are some really good pointers and sound advice here for sure. the key one is deffo not to live in the past and be positive with all x

  • You really boiled everything down to what it really is! These tips are amazing and require, probably, a lot of self-awareness and self work to get to a place where we can recognize our intuitions so we can then follow. I agree that the more authentic you are, typically, the more effective you will be!

  • I have always believed that we can never please everyone thus, this is something that we shouldn’t worry much about. I agree that we just have to let this happen naturally and I think people would appreciate more since this will remove the notion that you have a hidden agenda.

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