I Am A Blazing Divine Sun, Setting Guilt Aside

I Am A Blazing Divine Sun

Lovely Light within, O more and more Thy Love extend. Inspire me to change my mind for the Truth of my eternal Wholeness. Beyond question, I Am a blazing Divine Sun.

My mind befriend. Steer me away from worthless effects, earthly cares and vain oppressions. Guide me into my mind where the cause of all my woes abide.

I choose to be happy in acceptance, forgiveness and love, not right in judgement.

Thrill me with Your Love that flames in Holiness and Peace. Prime me to afford patience in all my dealings. At the ready, I Am a blazing Divine Sun.

Heal my mind of all guilt. Let me feel the peace that heavenly Truth imparts. My mind calls to Your Beauty. Shepherd me away from condemnation that makes sin and guilt real.

Now, I am a blazing Divine Sun. My mind setting aside the idea of sin that changes creation from an idea of perfection to an idea of illusion. Up on the idea of innocence and perfection, my thoughts shine in peace.

Thou Beloved Who loves my Spirit so fair, give me the mind to hold on to Thee.

Blaze more Power into me and through me, and around me. Give me victory over illusions. Let me perceive with the Eyes of Wholeness. Hold me harmonious with Thee always.

Come, Thou long-expected Light of Wholeness, born to set me free. There is no life outside of You. Thou Joy of every forgiving Heart that perceives no sin or guilt, rend certain a feel of your peace.

Your Peace truly agrees with me. I Am the fullness of everything that is Divine.

I Am a blazing Divine Sun, starting all hearts glowing, giving the go-by to only Love and Innocence.

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