I Am A Flame Of Eternal Peace.


Mighty Presence of God giving me life, from the inviolable heights of creation, pour forth the radiant Golden oil of Peace upon my world. Thank You.

I Am a Flame of eternal Peace.

Yes! The Flame of Peace abides in my heart; therefore, I am unmoved by any external appearance or human condition.

I Am a Flame of God’s own Mercy, radiating compassion through my thoughts, words, and deeds.

Beloved Mighty Victorious Presence of God,the Great I Am that watches over me, take dominion over my mind now. My attention is steady on Thy Light. I Am Thy Radiant Flame, grateful for your Love and sustenance. Expand thy inviolable Light within me and my world until there’s only You. Thank You.

My mind is the boundless Mind of Light, and the source of my God Victory.

Beloved God! Come right now, shake my entire being and remove every ash of trauma and grief still lurking around. Transmute it all and give me the Mind of Love for which I call.

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