I Am Light Telling Every Heart The Tidings Of Love

I Am Light

Come and take over, Thou long-expected Light of Love, born to set me free. Reign in my mind alone, forever. Raise me up and make me the focus of all Love’s Blessings. Now, at all events, I bid the gloom of darkness be gone.

I Am a focus of Love’s radiant showers.

All ancient fears have fled. I stand, vibrant, fulfilled. Love translates my darkness to Light. Glowing, I Am a surging River of Light, bidding all strong, giving them songs of joy.

Like flowers, love, hope, joy spring forth in my mind, keeping me positive to the world, and forever in service of the Light. Round my mind radiates Love, the treasures of Love’s Grace to give, the broken heart to mend. Light of Love that I Am, so illumine me with your light that there is none of me but all of Love.

O Heart of Infinity that I Am, pour forth Thy mighty Flame of Divine Love. Anchor my attention to Thee, Thou great Love Star that I Am. Let Heaven’s eternal arches pulsate with my beloved name.

I Am a Gem of Light, the cloudless sun of joy to bring, pure delight and bliss to give. Mercy is ever at my side.

Flinging wide the portals of my mind, away from human use, for Love’s employ, I reclaim the joy, freedom, perfection that is my birthright.

I am from Heaven’s Heights, the Key of Love, opening wide our Heavenly home, making safe the way that leads on high, closing the path to misery.

Long was the night of illusion, bitter the hours of fear and suffering, till on my darkness dawned the Light of Love.

I Am the Presence of the Diamond Heart, releasing the Victory of Love everywhere, sealing all within my Heart, forever.

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