Importance Of A Positive Self-image

To transform aspects of our self-concept that are unconstructive and encumbering, we have to truly commit our energy and effort to bring about change because the self is a process. The self is not formed in one moment, and so it cannot be changed in a moment’s decision. We must persevere in applying and freeing ourselves from the comforting consistency of holding on to negative self-images. Self-image is the internalised mental perception that you hold of yourself. Oftentimes, it influences how you relate to others and see the world. A negative self-image like a perception of unworthiness frequently makes one defensive and reactionary. This is so since he perceives himself and the world through the lens of unworthiness. A positive self-image begins with cultivating a belief in your worthiness to receive and give love. The importance of a positive self-image are good to note.

Build Better Relationships

A positive self-image makes you more trusting of others. When you set aside criticisms, suspicions, and judgements, you increase your chances of improving a relationship. Thus, as you become more intentional in building up your relationships, a positive self-image keeps you from setting ambiguous goals reflected in the statement: “I want to be better at interpersonal communication.”  Instead, it motivates you to set clear actionable goals directed at improving specific interpersonal skills. Interpersonal communication involves engaging others like unique individuals unlike any other person. It transcends speaking from social roles (teacher-student, boss-employee) and embraces understanding and respecting each person’s fears, hopes, problems, joys, needs and abilities. And so the interpersonal space abounds with shared meanings of the words and behaviours of the interactants. The clarity of a positive self-image stimulates you to adopt a clear specific goal like enhancing your dual perspective taking skills. This involves keeping in view your own perspective and that of your interactant, and improving on paraphrasing and reflecting others’ feelings and meanings back to them, to show that you are listening and paying attention to them as a person.

Importance Of A Positive Self-image

Reclaim And Strengthen Your Personal Power

In good earnest, a positive self-image prompts you to affirm your inherent worthiness. With this attitude, you reclaim and strengthen your personal power since you no longer allow external events or the actions of others to influence how you think and feel. As you take responsibility for your actions, you become more creative in your relationships and other endeavours. Consequently, you invite in effectiveness. Also, positive self-image keeps you from making demoralizing unrealistic comparisons. Instead, it motivates you to acknowledge your strengths and virtues together with other parts of yourself that you wish to transform. Accept yourself as a being in the process of becoming. Being around people who believe in you and support your personal growth is also helpful.

Develop And Grow

The tendency to become less defensive takes root in a mind nurtured by a positive self-image. People who are less defensive handle negative feedback constructively. This attitude helps them to develop and grow in the various facets of their lives. As a result, they function effectively.

A positive self-image plays a key role in our growth and overall effectiveness. Thus, a person desirous of getting ahead in life must keep in view the importance of a positive  self-image. 

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