Improving Social Awareness


Multi-tasking often affects the quality of work adversely, for the brain cannot perform at a high level in multiple activities at once. Glimpsing the inner states of others through their cues and signals for the sake of improving social awareness requires your full attention.

Detailing the exchanges going on in a meeting by having your head focused on your tablet or notepad sometimes makes you miss out on the critical cues or signals that reveal how others are feeling or what the may be thinking. To observe and focus on others without the distraction of phones, typing or writing facilitates the recognition and understanding of how others are feeling and thinking. By doing that, you will become wiser for improving your social awareness. social. For you to pick up on the things that the pen and paper obviously miss, avoid taking notes at meetings, in a manner that hinders your focus and observation of the body language of others.


Improving your social awareness sometimes lays emphasis on planning ahead for an event whether it is a dinner party or a meeting for work, to enable you to free up your mental energy and brain power and to focus on the present moment. This idea can be practicalised by using an index card to list expected attendees, any focus points and things to do. By planning in advance, you increase your likelihood of enjoying the event since you’ll be less stressed and more present at the occasion.

To be socially aware and socially present is to cut out the internal dialogues that are getting you to tune out the world when you should be focusing on your interactant and to avoid offering responses while the other person is still talking. Emotional awareness is enough to help you to notice the bodily sensations that precede this counterproductive habit. With the knowledge, you can catch yourself in the beginnings of the unproductive act and hold off from engaging with the habit. You can gently lean towards the speaker to help you to focus your attention on the conversation. Let your purpose be to listen and learn something in a conversational setting, not to impress the other with your insightful remarks. Your listening skills will improve when you learn to quieten your inner thoughts. Thus, improving your social awareness often goes hand-in-hand with improving your listening skills.

Living in the moment is the way to notice what is happening with others right now. To live in the moment is not to worry about the past or stress and obsess over the future. Appropriate time should be set out for the valuable exercises of reflecting on the past and planning the future.

Be present wherever you are so that you can really observe what is happening with the people around you and respond in a sensitive, caring manner that solidifies your social awareness skills. The sentiment of improving your social awareness comes up to uplift your relationships and make you more effective.


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