Innovation Must Assume The Customer’s Point Of View.


To recognize that it is not the commodity that needs innovation but the process or system by which it is delivered to customers, is something that would motivate the Entrepreneur to focus his inventive energies on the way, the system, in which his business does business.

Blue suits outsell Brown suits. Touching someone lightly on the arm, as you make a request, often elicits a positive response from that person. Innovation must assume the customer’s point of view, for it to be effective. To be innovative is to constantly ask, “what is the best way of doing this.”

To measure the effectiveness of an innovation, it must be quantified. Quantify everything related to how you do business – number of morning and afternoon customers, number of products sold each day and period of sale, weekly sales, busiest days and periods. The flow of numbers will define your business’s health, and give you adequate feedback about your business.

A successful business model aims to enthrone order, standardization, and quality by eliminating discretion and choice at the operating level of business. A business must replicate its unique way of doing business, every single time, before it can boast of owning the operating system. The system facilitates predictability, and gives your customer what he wants, every single time.

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