When you fall in with Jack Ma inspiration, you will get round to success and your overall effectiveness will fatten out a lot.

Successful people are always optimistic about the future. They do not hold with the habit of complaining.

Solving the problems of others will put together for you sterling success.

Opportunities are found amidst the complaints of others. To solve a problem is to create an opportunity. Between 1994 and 1995 in China, Jack Ma spied an opportunity in the discontent of small business owners who wanted to sell their products abroad but were constrained by financial and other factors. He started Alibaba to solve this problem.

If everybody believes or loves your dream, forget about it; that’s not your opportunity. It is good when a lot of people don’t agree with your dream. Pursuant to realising your dream, you must think carefully and gather a group of people who believe in your dream. What is critical is that you and your team believe in your dream, not the assessments and judgements of friends, family members or investors. Believing in your dream creates a conducive atmosphere for hard work to thrive and brings success into your sights. Jack Ma inspiration calls you up to find a worthy dream to believe in and to commit fully to it.


The emails of thanks from customers are the best revenue. For the first three years of doing business, Alibaba did not generate any income. The emails of gratitude and encouragement from customers motivated them to continue moving forward.

Think about how you can have a seat amongst those who make the difference in society. Do not apprentice yourself to complaining and spreading words and thoughts of lack. Those who complain are usually the ones who steal. Jack Ma inspiration is rooting for you to partner with optimism, make a difference in the lives of people and come through with flying colours.

When you are done with thinking, start doing something immediately. Do not allow Procrastination or fear to rob you of your fantastic ideas; break that monotonous routine and make the move; tomorrow is new; galvanize yourself to move forward to a potential collaborator.

To work for yourself is to think about others and how to help them. You will be successful only when your co-workers, staff and customers are satisfied and happy. Jack Ma inspiration shares the notion that working for yourself means working for the society.

To have a big passion for the future and secure its high ground, you have to concern yourself with how many lives you are changing for the better, not how much money that you’re making. Alibaba relied on the internet to empower small businesses.

Build up your business and the ecosystem of its infrastructure, little by little. Do not imitate; build up something unique.

No matter how big the vision is, you have to start from the small things, the easy secure bits. All for the good, your first move needs to be a little bit secure and easy.

Get support from the government establishment but do not rely on them. When you and your team believe in your dream and work assiduously towards its actualization, things will eventually portion out beneficially for all of you. Consequently, a sizeable lot of good times may put you and your organisation in a position of not needing to borrow money from the banks or the government. This was certainly the case with Alibaba.

To be an entrepreneur is to do certain things first before others. You have to be brave a notch higher than others and wake up before they do.

If you’re 25 years old, any mistake is an income, a wonderful revenue.

For young people under the age of 20 years, be a good student; under the age of 30 years, go to a small company, follow somebody, learn about passion and dreams. What really matters is the boss that you follow, not the company that you move to. A good boss teaches you differently aside from the status quo.

If you fall within the age bracket of 30 to 40 years, you have to think clearly and decide whether you want to become an entrepreneur and work for yourself; within the age bracket of 40 to 50 years, do all the things that you’re good at; within the age bracket of 50 to 60 years, work for young people. Young people tend to be more knowledgeable, dynamic, versatile and energetic. So, rely on them; invest in them and make sure that they are good. When you’re over 60 years, spend some time for yourself; it may be too late for you to change.

Always raise money when you have money. When you don’t have money, don’t go out to raise money. The banks will probably not lend you the first run of money. Little by little, prove the worthwhileness of your dream with the bits of money that you have raised and you will eventually draw some supportive investors to you and your company.

You will set yourself to a good fortune and attract money from investors if you have a good team, a good dream, a relaxed plan and a good record. Don’t fret over money; money follows people. The money will come when you follow dreams that thrill to your execution capability.

Mistakes are the best assets that you have. Don’t worry about making mistakes; just go ahead if you have a dream. Attuning to the gems and lessons in mistakes is an idea found at the core of Jack Ma inspiration.

Competitors will never kill you; you will kill yourself by not serving your customers better. Set about your business and do not worry about the competition because your competitors also worry about you. If you do business, you will always have competition. To concern yourself with improving your relationship with your customers is to lean towards Jack Ma inspiration.

Forget about what you learnt in the MBA; use your instinct to make sure that everything you do is serving the needs of your customers.

The only thing that will guarantee and sustain your success is to keep your passion burning, to keep believing in the future, to keep investing in young people and to keep sustaining the mission of helping others to succeed. Getting carried away by current successes and attendant riches spells doom.

The primary goal of Jack Ma inspiration is to empower you to catch the infection of success and empowerment.



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