To apprentice yourself to Jeff Bezos Lessons is to rise up and demonstrate boldness against the ordinary run of things. Although it is part of human nature to focus on things that are not yet working out, you should ensure that you are making progress by learning from and being motivated by the discontent associated with the unwanted situation. Taking bold steps entails experiments, and by their nature, experiments are prone to failure. Jeff Bezos Lessons come into good effect when you realise that the few big successes compensate for dozens and dozens of things that didn’t work out. Kindle, Amazon Prime and Amazon Third-Party Solar business are all examples of big bets that worked out nicely. They brought good returns that offset the cost of the experiments. Jeff Bezos has this to say of this point: “I’ve made billions of dollars of failures; literally billions of dollars.”

To steer your company away from extinction, you need to experiment and embrace failure. A desperate situation is what awaits a company that fails to experiment and embrace failure. In that dire situation, making a wishful bet or betting the whole company will not save it. The end of their corporate existence is the unenviable fate that the company has unwittingly chosen for itself.

Experience is always teaching us that big things start small. The biggest oak takes its rise from a small acorn. The wisdom to let your undertaking or venture to grow one step at a time is a sterling aspect of Jeff Bezos Lessons.

Build up your business step by step ferociously and passionately. Basically, you have to put down your impatience because you can’t skip the necessary steps involved in building your business. Jeff Bezos Lessons shines forth here as he declares, “things take time; there are no shortcuts. Do those necessary steps with passion and ferocity.”

A principal part of your intellectual property is your brand name. From the onset, the promoters of a new company or a marketing invention must understand that brands for companies can be likened to reputations for people. Jeff Bezos Lessons continues beneficially as he declares, reputations are hard won and easily lost. The most important intellectual property that a company can have is Amazon for us. What that name stands for is the trust that we have worked very hard to earn. You can’t ask for trust; you just have to do it the hard way, one step at a time.” When you make a promise and then fulfil that promise, when you undertake to deliver something tomorrow and actually go ahead to honour your undertaking and when you consistently live up to your words and promises, then you will strengthen the trust reposed on you by your customers and patrons. Jeff Bezos comes in here again in a manner that gives more meat to this point: “I like to think of a brand as a person and what is the reputation of that person and how have they earned that reputation.”

Stress primarily comes into existence from not taking action over an unresolved issue that you have some control over. When you find yourself in a stressed mood, it could be a signal for you to search through your mind and unearth stressful thoughts and the unresolved issues associated with them. To address the issues through constructive actions, even if you are not making any success out of them, leaves you less stressed. Jeff Bezos Lessons continue to spring forth as he has this to share: “stress comes from ignoring things that you shouldn’t be ignoring. Stress doesn’t come from hard work. You can be working incredibly hard and loving it; on another note, you can be out of work and be incredibly stressed over that. If you are out work but going through a disciplined approach of series of job interviews and working to remedy that situation, you are going to be a lot less stressed than in a situation where you are just worrying about it and doing nothing.”

Only happy people or staff can give great customer experience. A set of miserable people watching the clock all day cannot create much value for your customers or your company. Working in harmony points to your coming home in a more energised state. In that empowered state, you will come home being a better husband or wife and a better dad or mum. In return for that, you will also go to work being a better boss or colleague. For most people, harmony is about meaning. People want to be convinced that they are doing something interesting and useful. With all the time in the world, you can still feel miserable and drain your energy away for want of harmony in your life, for want of meaning in your activities and ventures. Jeff Bezos Lessons highlights the importance of harmony as he opines, “for us, because of the challenges we have chosen for ourselves, we get to work in the future. It’s super fine to work in the future for the right kind of person.”

It takes a lot of stubborn relentlessness and flexibility to turn your ideas into a successful product. Knowing when to be relentless and when to be flexible is part of the key to entrepreneurial success. To be stubborn in your vision is a requirement for not giving up easily on that vision. Take the initiative to be flexible on your vision because as you go along pursuing it, you will discover that some of your preconceptions and assumptions would be proved wrong. A flexible mindset enables you to change or tinker with the things that are not working. Jeff Bezos Lessons become a pearl, here, as he lets fly this gentle reality check: “taking an idea successfully all the way to the market and turning it into a real product that people really care about, one that really improves people’s lives, is a lot of hard work.”

Keeping abreast with inventions and inventors is a good learning experience and something capable of igniting your own creative passions. Jeff Bezos admires Walt Disney and Thomas Edison. Particularly, he respects Walt Disney’s incredible capability to create a vision potent enough to rally a large number of people about it. Disney Land and Disney Theme parks stood out in his mind as visions that no single individual could ever pull off alone. Walt Disney’s ability to get a big team of people working in a concerted direction hit the mark for him.

Executing a novel or rare idea requires a team of people. Jeff Bezos Lessons persistently shines it’s light on this idea with this statement from him; “almost everything that is going to change the world, solve problems and improve something is usually big efforts and they require teams working together to really get something important done. That has been the story of Amazon.Com.

The wisdom to do something that you are very passionate about, not to chase the hot passion of the day, is worthwhile to remember. Jeff Bezos has this to say in furtherance of this idea: “you really need to be clear with yourself and I think one of the best ways to do that is this notion of projecting yourself to age eighty and looking back on your life to try to make sure that you have minimised the number of regrets you have. That works for career decisions as well as for family decisions. People should take a long-term point of view; I don’t believe that you should live for the now; I think that what you should do is to think about the great expanse of time ahead of you. To plan for that in a manner that will leave you ultimately satisfied is well advised.”

If you get yourself up to do anything interesting in the world, you are going to have critics. Jeff Bezos Lessons for transcending critical speech rich in a misunderstanding of your intentions is a mirror of the following words from him: “the best defence for speech that you don’t like is to develop a thick skin because you can’t stop it. You are going to be misunderstood. If you absolutely can’t tolerate critics, then don’t do anything new or interesting.”

Complaining is not a strategy. Jeff Bezos Lessons motivates you to see off unwarranted and unfounded complaints with the following words: “you are going to earn your keep in this world. If you invent something and customers come to the party, it’s disrupting to the old way. The Internet is disrupting every media industry. Amazon is not happening to bookselling; the future is happening to bookselling.”

Jeff Bezos Lessons for a fulfilling life works hand in glove with boldness, innovation, relentlessness, flexibility and effective cooperation.


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