A certain measure of fulfilment comes with knowing what you want, asking for it and receiving it.

Intelligence props us up to recognise a range of activities but emotions drive us to act. The more passion we develop for a thing or activity, the more the likelihood of our acting on it. Studies indicate that we remember best emotionally charged events. When we numb ourselves to our emotions, we close off ourselves to the emotional significance of our actions and struggle with our memory. In earnest, our strong emotions often point us to the things that matter most to us. Anger towards a partner or acquaintance for a perceived lack of truthfulness is merely revealing to you that you value trust and dependability.  Also, feeling our joy helps us to keep on hand the things we appreciate and value. Hence, feeling your strong emotions is a means of knowing what you want.


Blaming others and shouting are notable means of distracting yourself from your emotions. In addition, it prevets you from knowing what you want.

Emotional intelligence grounds us in a constant source of motivation, a fixed determination, that is not influenced by shifts in our interests.

Feeling our feelings with our mind and body is healthy. Suppressed feelings blow out in self-destructive ways. When you become the conscious observer of strong emotions, you allow them to run through in a short span of time. A clear head, a contented mind steeped in the wisdom of knowing what you want, and greater self-control will be the constructive aftermath. To fight or suppress emotions is to stagnate them in and set the stage for them to come back and haunt us.

Accepting your emotional self makes it easy for you to love yourself, come to terms with your real values and get other aspects of your life through to constructivenes.

A healthy relationship speaks of interactants who read each other’s feelings and honour them. You will put yourself in the right position to ask for what you truly desire if you are aware of your feelings. Being aware of your feelings enables you to identify the things that matter most to you and to clear any ambiguity connected to knowing what you want.

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