Success will meet you in life and you will be capable of transcending the littleness of existence on account of your planning, acting with a purpose and generally taking to proactive life principles. The universe rewards thought and inspired action.

1. If You Want To Be Treated Like A Prince, Project The Attitude Of A Prince

In knowing yourself and deciding how to present yourself, you begin to stand to useful life principles. To ply the task of committing fully to your personal definition of yourself and your image is very important. Often times, who you are from the perspectives of others, not who you are intrinsically, determines how they will react and judge you. This matters because forming fruitful relationships with others frequently help us into success.

When you decide for an image of invincibility, honesty or some other worthy virtue, as who you are, when you stay authentic to that image together with the attitudes and habits that go with it and never waver no matter the situation, you will rise to embrace life principles that uplift. People will take you seriously if you are serious with yourself. If you want to be treated like a Prince, then you must project the attitude of a Prince. It is critically important to consciously define and protect your reputation at all times. Honest feedback from others and yourself could help you to clarify the kind of statement that you are making with your words and behaviour. Then, it is left for you to decide whether that statement is in alignment with the image that you hold of your self.

Because you are a multi-faceted being, it may become expedient for you to project different aspects of your authentic character, in a rotation, as the situation demands it. Identifying one’s strengths, consciously defining and committing to the image and statement that one is projecting, often inspires a sense of power and peace and puts one on a sound footing with memorable life principles. Consequently, to live it up or to live it down becomes a choice you have to make in order to make yourself approachable and create balance and effectiveness in your life.

2. Project The Things That Set You Apart From Others

Winning with proactive life principles sometimes means projecting those things that set you apart from everyone else. The image that you choose to define for yourself should embrace elements of this uniqueness. A certain measure of predictability around your worthy virtues gives others a sense of security in dealing with you. To make the most of small things like being gracious and showing good manners can set you apart and make you memorable to others. To reinvent yourself is also to cultivate a sense of uniqueness on a platform of sound life principles. This reinvention can be accomplished by changing to more passionate goals, building on what you like best about yourself, changing your looks, changing what you do and where you do it.

3. Choose To Make An Impact In Your Undertaking

It is important to make an impact in whatever endeavour you’ve chosen or wherever you find yourself. To labour in excellence often stands you out to become a true mirror of constructive life principles. Creating a positive impression that is remarkable to others is  quite beneficial to your cause. You should strive to practice a strategy and an action that will distinguish you in a positive way. To be acknowledged for positive traits, qualities, values, behaviour, skills and abilities proves that you have discharged an office effectively, an accomplishment synonymous with winning. Courteously accepting compliments and praises that affirm your value props up your belief that you are deserving of all credits due to you. Consequently, others will follow your cue and strengthen their confidence in you.

4. Make Yourself A Vital Essential Player In Whatever Situation You Find Yourself In

For the success of your aspirations, you should get into the thick of the action and make yourself a vital essential player in whatever situation you find yourself in, be it in a personal or an official setting. In a business environment, the people that are relied upon are those with specialised knowledge or information about the business and those capable of accomplishing multiple tasks. You will be of great avail to a relationship or organisation if you are essential to its informal and formal running. Conscious actions that will make you irreplaceable and essential in any situation are worthy to be cultivated for the sake of mounting over success with effective life principles.

5. Be Certain Of What You Want

Be certain of what you really want; this state of mind will prevent you from wasting valuable time in pursuing what you don’t really want. See to it that you are intentionally investing in people or situations that will help you to accomplish certain goals.

6. Determine Where You Are And Where You Want To Be

The plan to sustain a good measure of success in any area of your life becomes realisable only when it is defined in specific details. The starting point of any plan is an identification of what is desired. To define success is to define exactly what you want and describe it in fine details and in measurable terms. Your ultimate goals will be suffused with success when you first determine exactly where you are and precisely where you want to be and then highlighting the action steps necessary to get there.

Populating the hours of your day with actions that resonate with an uplifting purpose is intentional living akin to proactive life principles. Writing down your plans and the attendant strategic actions gives it specificity. Your goal should be expressed as a specific event. It should also be defined as ordered, measurable, desirable actions with attendant timelines, allocated resources and accountability that tasks you on your progress. A well set-out plan wafts in the advantages of subscribing to proactive life principles.

7. Avoid Being A Chatterbox

Being a chatterbox makes you appear ordinary and brings on an off-putting predictability and exposes certain flaky qualities. By talking too much, you sometimes open up yourself and inadvertently arm those who may be plotting against you. An aura of mystery gives you a certain measure of protection and magnetism. self-disclosure is appropriate for people who have earned your trust.

8. Be Vigilant To Your Surroundings

To understand the true motives behind peoples’ actions and to deal with them effectively or to get them to do what you want, it is important for you to pay attention to what is happening around you. Being vigilant to your surroundings enables you to decipher what embarrasses, upsets, intimidates and motivates others, so that you can respond in a productive manner. This intentional drive to be mindful, as an aspect of life principles, starts you off with effectiveness.

9. Stretch Yourself To Grow Into New Opportunities

Not allowing self-doubt to take you by surprise when you get an opportunity to move to the next level in your job or family life is a sure sign that you are on foot with proactive life principles. You need to be possessed of the confidence to stretch yourself and grow into new opportunities. Cultivating that confidence may mean taking the initiative and acquiring new skill sets and knowledge, surrounding oneself with competent people and learning along on the job.

10. Manage Your Fears

Threats and ultimatums that court extreme consequences cage you in and leave you without a face-saving way out.To desperately declare your position and expose your fears is to kiss your leverage away and make your path more difficult. To engage in these types of behaviours mean turning away from proactive life principles.

11. Study A System Or Situation Critically

You will secure to yourself benefits above the ordinary measure when you study a system or situation and apply the knowledge gained, to thrive in that particular environment. The purpose that inspires you to do this is born of proactive life principles.

12. Strengthen Your Relationship With People Who Share Your Passion And Vision

Winning is often about a partnership. So, it is important to surround yourself with a core group of people who share your passion and vision and support you in your goals, at an emotional and intellectual level. This progressive drive brings forth the desirable fruits of proactive life principles. Striking a balance between your needs and those of your potential supporters will likely guarantee their enlistment to your team. Getting into their shoes and seeing things from their point of view is a big help here. You should get your team to rise above the hum of ordinariness and emotionally align themselves towards the common goal. When the conviction that you will lead, protect and advocate for them stirs up the thoughts of your team members, they will go the extra mile for you.

13. Acknowledge A Problem

Denial is synonymous with losing. To acknowledge a problem helps you to create an action plan for dealing with it. This wise approach affects to get you more conscious of living by proactive life principles.

14. Be Gracious And Sensitive

Being gracious and sensitive to the needs of your interactants, genuinely demonstrating that you are pleasantly disposed to them, understanding their feelings in a confirming manner helps you to secure their acceptance and a platform to express your views for the sake of your cause.

15. Pursue A Win/Win Scenario

Fighting for the sake of venting or getting over your frustrations is devoid of wisdom. However, if a confrontation becomes inevitable, then, you need to spring up a well-thought-out plan.This plan should start with a definition of what a win means for you. A win/win scenario for all is the best constructive definition of victory worth pursuing. This idea gets you up from about proactive life principles.

A conflict becomes a productive one when you can recognise victory as a win/win for all. If your state of mind will not permit you to recognise this balanced state of winning, then, you are not ready to engage in a productive conflict. The modality of the confrontation whether it will be face-to-face, in writing or in the presence of a witness should be decided in advance. A comfortable environment for all is also important. It is quite constructive to develop your position on verifiable facts rather than personal opinions and judgements.

Not standing to momentary gains and standing to survive and thrive for the long haul, in a constructive and balanced manner are routes that give on to an effectiveness oiled by proactive life principles.

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