Life Satisfaction


Improving how you feel about yourself, believing in yourself, enhances your performance on the job and other crucial aspects of your life. This Constructive practice boosts the level of your Life Satisfaction, the level of your contentment with your life in general. Your beliefs are key to your overall effectiveness in life. Do not allow self-doubts to get the better of you when there is mounting evidence demonstrating your capacity for leadership and success. Success and competence start with feeling competent and successful.

To work smarter, not harder, improves your standing on the Scale of Life Satisfaction. The purpose of what you do should be aimed at progress or advancement, rather than to expend yourself. Inefficient efforts produce minimal results, that will leave you discouraged and concluding that you will never be a success in life.


The creativity that enriches the level of your Life Satisfaction is sparked off by a genuine interest in the problem and looking at the situation differently. Surrounding yourself with people who appreciate you and your efforts is a great boost to your creativity. Studies show that monetary inducements, rewards and considerations are not enough to get one to offer an original idea. Life satisfying creativity cannot be defined simply as hard work and effort, but the essence of a mind thoroughly intrigued by a question, a situation, a possibility.

The likelihood of experiencing Life Satisfaction increases for you when you cultivate the habit of celebrating minor accomplishments or small victories. Concentrating only on major accomplishments denies you the opportunity of enjoying the Joys of your small victories or successes. Celebrating small victories is a great energizer on the path of pursuing your goals.

Researchers indicate that our underlying personalities remain the same after about age sixteen, despite changes in career and family. To choose a future that fits your personality is to invite in enhanced Life Satisfaction, genuine success and fulfilment.

On another note, studies show that bad habits can permeate through an office in a manner akin to that of a contagious disease. Imitating the crowd and being average means sacrificing your goals, individuality and unique ideas, something that is counter to improving the level of your Life Satisfaction. You can do more; behave as if there is great potential to be tapped within you because there is plenty.

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