Light From Light Shed Love Rays On Me

Light From Light

O Love that will not let me go, shed the Holy spirit’s Ray on all I think and do today.

Splendour of Divine Glory bright, Sun of Truth and Love, I rest my weary soul in Thee. The life I owe, I give back to You, that in Your limitless Ocean of Light its flow may fuller, richer be.

Father of Glory without end, Who brings forth Light from Light, to Thee my prayer ascends, for power to conquer in temptation’s hour.

O Light of Light, silence the human forever. Hold it bound and in obedience to the great Divine Law. Consume all discord and replace it with Love Consciousness.

Light’s Fountain-Spring, Father of Light, show me Thy full Glory I had with Thee in the beginning. Teach me to work with all Your Might. Turn all to good that seems most ill.

I Am the Glory of the Father of Glory without end, the mighty “I Am,” made manifest through my mind, body, world, and affairs, right now and always.

My mind is still with Glory ringing. Flames of Joy seat round my mind in glory. In hymning, my thoughts re-echo to the height an endless thanksgiving.

Light of Love, great “I Am,” confessed without doubt, I Am your Light that beats my heart, directs, corrects, perfects, sustains, and supplies me at all times.

Loud thanksgiving to your name I proclaim, for opening the life gate, that all may go in. My mind is full of Thee, Thy Light, Thy Power, Thy Majesty. I shout the Omnipotence of your Grace, to the joys that greet me and all you have given to help and delight me.

My mind shines in splendour. Holy Lord, mighty “I Am,” I thank you.

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