I AM charged with the infinite compassion of the ages which knows no bound of human limitation because I AM one with Christ. I AM compassionate and understanding. Christ’s nature is now my own. Living in the limitless Flow of Divine Strength, I am now sound of mind.

By degrees, my Oneness with the Divine is increasing. I AM the Sun of Christ Love.

With an immortal right to feel eternity, I AM the fulfilled Presence feeling the Peace of Christ.

Limitless Flow Of Divine Strength

Far from the trappings of temporariness, I AM the evocation of Divine Joy. I AM in unceasing communion with the Reality of Christ through the Light burning in the altar within my mind.

Illusions no longer exact any tax from my mind. I AM the Infinite Love of the Creator made manifest as the power behind my thoughts, feelings, words and deeds.

I AM the Loving Presence that is welcoming Christ’s flood tide of renewing strength for myself and all mankind.

Out and out, I AM the limitless Flow of Divine Strength.

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