Live Without Limits


Beloved Mighty I AM Presence in whose presence law and prophets fade away. Make me ready to move to the next level without hesitation and fear, and Live Without Limits.

I honour Thee with my desire to love, as urgent as a flame. Let Your Flowing Love correct every appearance of disturbance within and around me.

I AM a Being of Light, strong enough to go forward and render service in Love.

I AM the Feeling of strength and Power of the Heart Flame of God. I do not live in the terms and conditions of external human appearances rather I align my thoughts, feelings and actions to the eternal transcending values and Divine Possibilities that knows no limit. I now Live Without Limits.

Raising my song of peace and chasing away all grieving, I am made stronger in the Light.

There in the Wind and Fire of Heaven, I AM the Fiery Mind of God, that will not let me deceive myself. The strength of God is filling me with all the Divine Resources necessary for me to escape the stagnating, intoxicating ease of comfort zones and Live Without Limits.

Mine be the Courage and Faith; Spirit of God, send me out to live to Your Glory, Love, Praise. I AM the Constructive Energy of my beloved God presence.

Lord, crown this blessed day with Your Peace, a peace too sublime for the world to invent.

Knowing that Love will never cease from that Source Who is our Peace, I am ceaselessly extending the supply of every good thing to all Life around me.

I Live Without Limits and I AM Victory without limits.

Beloved God, I come believing; I come expecting. Reinforce Your Holiness in my mind. As I stride forth boldly to love and create positive change in my life, I see all situations as serving my greatest purpose and good; therefore, I live without limits.

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