I AM The Living Inspiration Of Love Spoken All Day Long.

Beloved Christ, inspire me into Christ Charity that knows no counting and blesses me with the comfort of knowing that I am doing your Holy Will of Love. Amidst moments rolled out from eternity’s mills, I AM the Living Inspiration of Love spoken all day long.

I have lost nothing and there is nothing to recover. Beloved Christ, help me into the Peace of contentment and Joy. Donning my garment of invulnerability, I AM the Peace derived from my eternal Faith in Christ.

I AM the Infinite Peace of God penetrating all levels of human thought and feeling.

Living Inspiration Of Love

I AM the gentle rain of Peace.

May the Divine signature of every Life that crosses my path be etched on my heart. Blessed Christ who loves all those whose names are scored on my heart, watch over us with every care, make our paths free and our labour fruitful, dry our tears, sanctify our Joy and raise our courage. Shine the Light of Your Love that reveals any untruth that we’re hiding inside our minds and magnify our hopes and vitality.

I surrender completely to Christ Love that guards my mind. I AM the great heart-beat of Divine Love from on High. I AM that Living inspiration of Love that takes my thoughts beyond illusions.

With no sentiments for temporary things, I now set myself to work at loving.

Non can keep me back from the Wholeness that I AM.

As the living inspiration of Love spoken all day, I now replace the limited personal ego with Love.  For good, all dilemmas are dissolving and resolving in Love.

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