Love Energy

Love Energy is steaming the dross out of our Hearts. I choose the one who lies inside my Heart beside the inscription: “here is the eternal Fountain of Love and Goodness that imparadises all.

Of the one that is my beloved I know one thing: the Light of my Loving Intentions will always glow in a manner that will hit the fancy of my beloved.

My beloved is a symbol of Divine Qualities and of the Vision of Love. My beloved is, moreover, a Symbol of Inspiration from Eternity’s Shores, an Inspiration that sparkles and wafts my beloved into creating a better world for us.

All night, a new friendly gale caressed our windows; in the morning, the trees looked rested and the leaves, revelling in nature’s vitality, stirred contentedly. Nature’s choreography was in sympathy with our Love Energy.

Our whole Love Energy gives to mortal words a befuddlement.

Thoughts ridden by illusions come to life in contact with our Love Energy decked in blowing Ribbons of Joy.

My attention absorbed in celebrating a newer higher version of our Love Energy, I felt, without thinking, that our Love have no bounds. Our beatific feelings that tolerate no limitedness is indicative of the Spirit of our Love Energy.

All the more reason for loving you, the Wonder of our Love Energy tells its tale to Eternity’s Scribes. Our enlivening reflections in our Sea of Love Energy calls forth loving thoughts that effervesce into grand life.

Still more, our zestful Love Energy has made our minds wiser, and loving tales untold by illusions are now making their entrance into our minds.

Our Heart is the familiar harbour where Love berths.

The eagerness in my heels and the fire in my Heart are only destined to bring me home to Love.

I will never be tired of assuming the Mantle of Love that, in humility, makes things pleasant for my beloved. Spruced up for a meeting with the Joy of my Heart, that only does the amiable, my beloved’s glowing gratitude first immerses itself in the currents of our Love Energy.

O, we will be going along until a rarefied version of our Love Energy sweeps us along, and we will begin a new journey of Love afresh. Loving you is an endless journey.

Temporariness has given us a wide berth and our Hearts are no longer filled with shadows.

It is our greatest pleasure to win the Heart of Bliss inside the currents of our Love Vibration.

We no longer lend ourselves to the amusement of deciphering any unusual signal of Love’s whereabouts, for Love holds with certainty inside our Hearts.

At Harmony, we always turn in the right direction because we are inclined to follow Love and wander farther away from the changing. The essence of our Love is affectionately urging us homewards.

Our habit of stopping long, with Hearts that beat affectionately, at the Brook of Love, to taste of its Goodness, gives a beautiful sight to Eternity’s Glance.

Who could have foreseen such a vitality as that flaunted by our Love Energy?

The interchange of the Diamond Rays of our Love Energy has swept away all vexed questions within our Minds.

Our magnificent Love is now primary to us and dominant in our thoughts.



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