By the Love of their beautiful blossoms, my Heart wakes to light and is made a Love temple.

Amidst their luminous halo, my Heart cheerfully whispers back to the woods and the birds.

Forth comes the wind under the spell of Love; it whispers sonorously to me and calls to the Love in my Heart.

My Heart has been reborn into the free Heart of Childhood, fresh with the dews of kindness that gives a loving reproach to the feverish strivings of my thoughts. The Clement weather of my Love Temple occludes illusions.

To put on Glory, my Heart courts heaven-bound thoughts with a soft holy breath.

With its fine desires cared for in this universe of time and in Eternity, my Heart allows Its eyes to fall on the kindling blossoms of Eternity. From dust to Splendour, my thoughts move with immortal speed. There is only harmony between my contentment and the lighthearted theme of my Love Temple.

My thoughts, the Heavenly Artist of my Heart, is now painting sweet-scented pictures all over my Heart. When that beautiful smile comes across to me, the beauty within me shall enchant it and make it more glorious. Nothing can stop the Wholeness of my Love Temple from being prodigal in its giving.

To me, you are a symbol of my resurrection into the greater Love and Light of Eternity. The Love of my Heart flows freely to you and finds in your beautiful smile a wonderful sermon of Eternal Love. Allow your silvered eyes to fall on me and make good every sad embroidery that temporariness wears. Feed my thoughts with tender silver dew, motivate them to turn away from the kisses of the night and open to the Light. The adoration of my Love Temple will permit no crisis to throw you back on illusions.

A renewal is blooming in the fair garden of my Heart that harbours no dreams of an illusory rest. In that lovely garden, wonderful Blooms of Love are trembling and panting with bliss.

No temporary passion pales my Light anymore. The Spirit of Love within me flings afar it’s sweet peal of music, so delicate, soft and intense. It is a soothing sound that is felt in the Fiery Beauty of Love. From my Love Temple comes delicate sounds that thread Love in.

My Heart is now as radiant as the Heavenly Light It gazes at. No pensive monitor of fleeting Joy abides in my Heart anymore nor is there a venturesome harbinger of temporariness. As long as there is the Light of Eternal Love in my Heart, my Heart shall have Its Glory and have Its place in the unending Story of Eternity. None can thrust my single vision aside; it’s power is that of my Love Temple.

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